E Cigs

I wish I had Paid Attention!!

At some point in everyone’s life, be in a relationship or other emotional problems, it just makes you feel unsettled. I am especially talking about relationship. Sometimes you might feel uneasy and wonder if "this is the perfect relationship" or sometimes you may feel, you have a pit in your relationship because you are not able to maintain it. Though I didn’t feel the same about my partner, I am talking about this because I know some may feel that way. Perhaps my partner actually had many great qualities that I didn’t. Not perhaps! She really had. She was so kind to me and was on the same page with me in many areas of my life. But because of few things, I was not able to maintain this relationship. To be honest, that feeling didn't go away even after so many years.

Sometimes, I recall those golden moments and for me, those are the best days of my life. But no matter how much you attempt, no matter how many justifications you endeavor to make, I could not maintain my relationship. That feeling never allowed me to feel totally at peace or with the idea of moving forward. It was my fault. When she was in my life, she forbade me of smoking. But as I was an intense smoker, I didn’t pay any heed to her. This is the result today.

No matter how many months or years has been gone by, I am still repenting. Now when I look at the newspaper or web, I often get to learn about electronic cigarettes. I have found that people are using it all around. I wish I had known about it earlier. I am still a smoker but now that I have made my mind to use the battery operated devices, I hope it can get her back. For this, I have been checking on electronic cigarette reviews to get detailed information on it.

Well, some of my friends and relatives have been using South Beach Smoke. I am not sure about myself but hope to use one of the top rated brands very soon.