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Must See Sights

It's that time of year again. Everybody is getting bored, been there, done that. In all honesty, you probably haven't done half the things that this lovely district has to offer. Here's a list of the ten favorite tourist attractions and the type of people recommended to visit. See if this list can spice up your normal routine! So come on, try some of these exotic adventures with me. You know you want to!

1.Maleficent's Malicious Mountains- hikers

2.World Famous Rabbit Hole- curious

3.The Famous Storybook- bookworms

4.Cinderella's Castle- wannabe royals

5.Wondersea- divers

6.Vicious Volcanoes- risk-takers

7.Foodland- foodies

8.Big Bad Bank- gold diggers

9.Cars Racetrack- the racers

10.Village Square- everyone!

I hope these sights add a little sparkle to your day!

-Wonderland Weekly Sightseeing Department


Thanks for showing me new places! I enjoyed racing at Cars Racetrack and running people over, and later taking a stop at World Famous Rabbit Hole and watching my husband almost fall into it!

Thanking you for this glorious time,

Wicked W.

Wondersea was beautiful, and I got to have a little reunion with all my old friends from back in the day. I missed them like crazy! It gives me closure to know that they are happy and thriving without me.

With appreciation,

Ariel L.

Thank you Wonderland Weekly for suggesting new restaurants to suit my demanding needs and reminding me that food is love.

Lazily yours,

Garfield A.

Three Little Pigs House Building Business Thriving?

The Three Little Pigs used to be very unfortunate, how did they end up doing so well in the end? Most would think that after the "incident" with that wolf, those poor piggies would never want to go out again, but with an idea and a stroke of luck, they established a now very popular house building company. This all happened just four short years ago after a generous loan from the Big Bad Bank. The Little Pigs are currently still living in the same cottage rebuilt after their old one fell down due to heavy wind. We here at Wonderland Weekly wish you luck boys!

-Wonderland Weekly Business Department

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