Winslow's Weekly Update

What's Happening in Room B-4


This week our Reader's Theater is called Looking for the Muffin Man. I think we have finally gotten the hang of a theater reading. By the end of the week, every child has had a chance to read the part of one of the characters in the book. We are working on our fluency and expression as we read. We have also been working on how to work in a group, follow along and stay with the story! Our phonics sound will be the final -ck in words. (black, pick, kick, truck...)


This week we will work on solving teen story problems with unknown addends, solving teen subtraction story problems and continue working on counting coin totals with pennies, nickels and dimes. Counting money is a hard skill for my first graders. Any practice you can give your child that involves handling coins and counting coins will be great for their learning!

Important News

***No School on Monday. It is Martin Luther King Jr. day.

***We are in need of some ziplock sandwich baggies. We don't need the big ones...just the sandwich size. If you are able to donate a box to our classroom, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

***The Boxtop contest will begin very soon. If you have been saving for the sheets that you will need to attach them to. They will come home soon!

Monday- No School Tuesday- PE Wednesday- Music Thursday- PE Friday- Music