Russian Immigrants

by: Cecilia Canchola & Ashley Gaspar

Coming To The United States

First Russians group arrived in America during the Ice Age over 15,000 years ago when Siberia was connected to Alaska by a strip of land known as the Bering Land Bridge.

Why Russian came to the United States

Russian escape the famine, disease and dire poverty. Russia was plagued by various outbreaks of cholera during the 1800 and 1900's. During 1848 the Cholera outbreak in Russia led to three million deaths.

A group of Russian immigration came to the United States by

Russian traveled in train and even sailed aboard.
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how the United States' population received and/or treated the group?

The Russian immigrants faced a lot discrimination because they did not speak English and because of how they looked/ dressed.
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Influence on their homeland?

Some of these early Russians were circular immigrants—they planned to stay only long enough to save some money and then to return home to Russia. Many of those who did return, however, found their homeland in the midst of the greatest turmoil in its history.

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Many resettled in southern Alaska, California, and parts of Oregon.

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Many Russian immigrants found themselves working in sweatshops cutting and sewing fabric to make clothing.

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Impact on the U.S.

Russian Immigrants have impacted such things as music, performing arts and food.