2P "Team Badger" Newsletter

January 18-29, 2016


Grant from TJS PTO: We are so appreciative of a recent grant approved by the PTO for classroom math games! The kids love them and they are a fantastic addition to our classroom! Thank you, PTO!

Narwhal and Ninja! We have two new members to our classroom - Winter, our narwhal and Slice, our ninja. Starting next week, two children will be chosen at random to take them home during the week. Each "friend" will come with their own journal that the child will complete in lieu of their regular spelling homework. As with all spelling homework, they will bring their friend and journal home on Monday and return them to class on Thursday. We hope this will be a fun and welcome addition to our homework routine. If your child's name is chosen, an email will be sent home letting you know. Inside the journal will be the homework instructions.

THINKING! It's not easy. Working we can do; actually thinking is difficult. "Write a sentence using this word." "Think of 12 facts about this topic." "Would you rather be a snowflake or a unicorn?". We do a lot in class to encourage the children to learn to think for themselves. We've also included math games on the homework for this very reason. We all learn through a little bit of struggle. Chess, checkers, Rush Hour - all of these games (and others) encourage children to persevere and THINK! We're playing to learn! If you don't have checkers at home, please let me know. I have extra sets in the classroom that I would be happy to lend out.

Math Games From the PTO!


We are continuing with our non-fiction reading. The children have all chosen a non-fiction topic and are busy gathering facts. They will use these facts to create a non-fiction poster filled with text features (sub-titles, captions, diagrams, maps, etc.). They are working so hard - they are like fact finding machines!!

Please continue to encourage your child to read each and every night at home. Fiction, non-fiction, doesn't matter. They should, however, be able to read their book comfortably and independently. If you're not sure what sort of books are right for them, please let me know. I would be happy to make suggestions. Please also know that your child is also always welcome to borrow books from our classroom library.

Those 20 minutes a night are truly the most important work that they will do all year!

Under tables? In the hallway? You bet!! Wherever you can work best is where you can work!!


And the non-fiction frenzy continues!! The children are digging deep to think about their expert topics. They have written paragraphs, complete with topic and concluding sentences. They have worked with an editing checklist and are learning to look critically at their own work. Does it makes sense? Did they use proper sentences, capital letters, and punctuation? They are are also designing text features to go with each paragraph. This is hard work and they are all rising to the occasion! Next week they will add a glossary and work on their final copies to complete their large-scale brochures. It's a challenging, but fun, project!


We have started Chapter 6: Multiplying by 2's, 5's, and 10's. We are practicing these in a number of different ways. We do physical exercises and skip counting by 2, 5 or 10. We also use dot paper to help us create and visualize the arrays. We really want the children to understand that they are adding equal groups. If it helps your child to use objects (as on the homework) to make equal groups or break them apart (division) please encourage them to do so. We encourage them to do they same in class. We will also be learning how to group objects into equal groups of 2 to find odd and even numbers.

Social Studies/Science

We are finishing our community unit with a culminating flip-book project. The students will choose whether they would like to live in a urban, suburban, or rural environment. They will also think about what decision they would make as a community leader and what they would do to be a good citizen.

Following this social studies unit, we will be starting Simple Machines!