Hurry You Will Never Regret It!!!

How do you get here?

It is very easy to get here, with our great amount of water, you can take a very short trip of just 2 TO 3 DAYS when you go up the Mississippi River by STEAMBOAT. But that is not all, you can travel by TRAIN,CANOE,HORSE AND OX CART. Or if you want, FOOT.

What is great about Minnesota?

Well there is 20 MILLION ACRES OF LAND to settle on. The climate and soil is perfect. I mean like blow your socks off amazing! St.Paul has a GREAT SCHOOL with a teacher, Miss Harriet Bishop, who loves children. That is not all that she does, she also runs COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES, such as the first sunday school and group of members who believe that alcohol is bad, harmful and should be illegal. If you are in debt then come to Minnesota because there are NO BANKS so you won't be chased down to pay. Also, DISEASES ARE NEARLY UNHEARD OF in Minnesota. Also it is VERY EASY TO GET JOBS and there are a vast variety of jobs to choose from such as farming, factory, trader, etc.. But hurry! Minnesota is filling up fast but there still is plenty of land to go around.

rich land and soil