Rivers & Springs

by:christian alba

Rivers and Springs

Rivers and Springs are mainly sand and sometimes can be limestone,silt,and clay.
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Most Rivers are slow moving and some get you stuck in the current.


Springs are my personal favorite and may be yours or not any ways springs are artesian.
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fauna:a place were plants and animals live.
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Kelly Park Rock Springs Wekiva in Apopka, FL

A tour of rock springs.

Trip down the Mississippi River

A documentary of the mississippi river states that it goes through

Animals of rivers and springs/biotic

Fish,birds,leeches,alligators/crocodiles,snakes,manatees,bull sharks,turtles,crayfish,

ducks,dolphins,bears,otters,mud wasps,frogs/toads,salamanders,raccoons,and many more

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This is a snakehead fish they are very rare to find but they are illegal to keep as pets and and if you catch one kill it immediately and bring it to a police station

Casting Toman,Giant Snakehead Attack !

This is a video of a guy who caught a snakehead


Snakeheads are very aggressive as you will see in the video above and the law is trying to make them instinct so they can't harm us anymore but some people disagree with law and keep them as pets when they are found with a snakehead they will put in jail and the snake head will be killed.
Memorable Snakehead Thailand 2013

This is one of the biggest snakeheads i've ever seen

This is a web site of endangered river and spring animals

This is a web site that has all of the rivers in florida on it.


In most rivers there have been boat crashes so when they crash the oil floats on the water and when fish and birds move around the get covered in oil and thats bad for them for fish when they come up for air they get oil in them because it is right above the water.
Sunken Ship Revealed on Mississippi

This is a video of a sunken ship in world war 2 and has been revealed due to low tides.

This site is about a bunch of facts for rivers

I if you have any questions about springs press the link above


  1. Rocks
  2. water
  3. wind
  4. humidity
  5. sunlight
  6. nutrients
  7. pollution(mainly in rivers)
  8. dirt,sand,and more
River Monsters-Hooking a Bull Shark

You guys this is my favorite t.v show river monsters and this is jeremy wade catching a freshwater bull shark

cool facts

Of 24 major rivers. 21 flow south or west to the gulf,2 flow north and east to the atlantic,and 1 flows south to lake okeechobee.
How to catch Logan River Bull Sharks

This is about how to catch a fresh water bullshark and then cook it.

Plants in rivers and springs.

  1. black gum
  2. bladderwort
  3. button bush
  4. cattail
  5. cottonwood
  6. pickerelweed
  7. red maple
  8. wild rice

Human impact negative

  1. humans cause pollution
  2. flows modifications
  3. excotic species
  4. harvesting

human impact positive

  1. they help clean the rivers and springs
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