Joseph Smith

Brandon Chopp


Born December 23rd, 1805.


5TH of 11 children

Lieutenant-General of the Nauvoo legion

Married to Emma Smith

(although many believe he had more, Mormon historian Todd Compton estimates that Joseph Smith had 33 wives, 1\3 of which were married to other men at the same time)

Religious Influences

Joseph Smith never committed to any church as a child but was greatly influenced by his parents who made the family pray together twice a day and taught home school out of the Bible.
Seeker of Truth

The Beginning

It is believed that Joseph Smith was confronted by Jesus Christ and the Lord in the woods when he was 14. They told him that all of the religions were wrong and that he needed to spread the truth.


Joseph Smith was jailed in 12/1/1838 for treason by a gang that disagreed with his beliefs. Later he was acquitted of all charges in court.


On 5/27/1844 Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were assassinated by anti-Mormon mob, becoming martyrs for the faith.
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Mormonism Today

Joseph Smith is known by the Mormons as the greatest prophet to have ever lived, other than Jesus himself. Today there are 143 operating Mormon temples with 14.8 million Mormons worldwide. While still growing the rate at which conversions are taking place is decreasing. From over 330,000 conversions in 1990 to only about 282,000 in 2013 the numbers are beginning to dwindle.