4B Post Assessment

Sharon Hales - Club (Rotary Interact Club)

Relating to Milgram's Experiment

In Rotary Interact Club we have jobs to get done which is organized by the teacher over it and the president. As a member we follow these assignments. Which is obedience and that is what is shown in Milgram's Experiment. It proves that we obey an authority figure above us for some reason.

Relating to Zimbardo's Experiment

Zimbardo's Experiment is another experiment showing how we obey people. If I want a good profile in Rotary Interact Club and experience then I have to be obedient to what I am supposed to do. This club helps serve others in the community and give to the needy. We have to be in line with everything and we can't fool around. We follow obedience in this club.

Relating to Asch's Experiment

Asch's Experiment is the line experiment. Some participants knew about the experiment and some did not. All of them were asked questions from different cards. For example, they had to answer what line they thought was bigger on the picture. Some questions the participants purposely got wrong. This experiment showed conformity and how some of the participants would say the same answer as others to fit in. In Rotary Club we sometimes have debates and have to speak about the things we have done lately and sometimes I will just say what another person says to not be different from the other answers.

Fundamental Attribution Error

In Rotary Interact Club when we have to speak up in front of the class about the success of projects we have done lately sometimes the situation or project isn't explained enough. No one gets a full understanding of the meaning of the situation done. And the people who succeeded so well at this project got more recognition than the good they done in the situation itself.

The project was so successful because of me!!!

Some volunteers in the club want to say they completion of a project had such a great outcome just because of their participation. Sometimes the president can get a little biased about himself and the job he does. Some people can show self serving bias in a club at school. But if the project wasn't done well then no one wants to take responsibility for what they may have done where it wasn't a success anymore.

Group Think & Group Polarization

The president of Rotary Interact Club is so involved with so much. He is what keeps the group going and everything together. But, sometimes he just loses it and gets too obsessed with being involved and we can't maintain everything. He gets too involved and can't organize and think what is best for him to do individually and the group. Everyone can't make good judgements when he is not being independent and more of a leader, which is group think. Trying to decide on what projects are more important and beneficial for us to get done first can be chaotic. Some people in the group feel that something small is more important than others who think something big in the community is more important to get done first. After weighing out the pros and cons the group makes a decision on which one is best and changed their opinion. Group Polarization occurs often in Rotary Interact Club.