Here's me.

Sarah Krajenta: An internet addict .

The basics.

Hi, i'm Sarah Krajenta , and instead of actually writing a bio . I thought I would list Quotes that i think describe me or that I love. "She lost in her longing to understand.''

"Don't let people stifle you . Cause you're doing the stuff they always have been afraid to do."- Troye Sivan "Do I dare disturb the universe ?" "From the outside looking in, it's hard to understand. Looking from the inside out , it's hard to explain."

"Constantly over-thinking everything." "I can swim miles one end , but i can't run one."

That's me.

My interests.

Where are you From?

I was born in Texas . But if you ask people where i'm from they would mostly say England.

I've been asked if i was : British, Scottish,Irish and Australian (even Korean.) . Why? Well it takes a long time to fully explain. But I have an "accent,' in reality i can't really say my R's that well. I don't really have that much self-confidence when it comes my voice. So i just go along with it.