Slam Dunk

By: Kate Jaimet


People always give up when they feel like something seems like it's hard. But this book thinks differently. Anything is possible if you just jeep going and doing what you do.
Lil Bow Wow - Basketball


"This book is one of the greatest things to read. It shows you that you are not the worst, you can always improve your skills. By: Ford - May 3, 2013 ( 5 Stars )

My Review

I honestly like to give up a lot, after reading this book, I gained a different mindset, now win stuff seems hard I keep going and don't quit. By: Darion Gayden - November 6, 2015 ( 4 1/2 )

3 Different Books

Titan Clash - By: Sigmund Brouwer

Cobra Strike - By: Sigmund Brouwer

Kicker - By: Michelle Martin Bossley

Brief Overview

A star point guard of a high school basketball team face was beaten up she has purple eyes, it's crazy. The girls basketball team made it to the semifinals. But they thought their chances of going farther in the bracket were over. Inez had to sit out of the game. Although, she can't play doesn't mean they're out of it. Time for them to go out and go hard!