Crossroads DGroups 2022

DGroups at Crossroads will Restart beginning August 10

Whether you have been in a Dgroup with us for a while, or you would like to join one, ALL of our DGroups will restart in August. Our hope and prayer is that EVERY person in our church will commit to a DGroup.

Options for New or Current Group Members...

Signup to be in a group

If you are wanting to join the cause of Christ in making disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples of others, then sign-up below! Each August we start new Gender-Specific DGroups that are designed to make disciples who will in turn make more disciples. We would love to show you how.

Put a group together and request a leader

If you have some friends that you would like to get together to be in a DGroup, but none of you wants to lead, we can find a Disciple Leader for you. Our groups are sized between 3-7 people in each group. When you sign-up, simply mark that you need a leader and we will find one who can lead your DGroup.

Continue with your current group

If you are currently in a DGroup, you may want to stay with that group. Several groups have asked if they can remain together for the upcoming year beginning in August, and the answer is yes! Current DGroups are welcome to remain with their current group members and continue going together.

Start a New DGroup

The ultimate goal of Discipleship is for every disciple in our church to step out and begin discipling someone else, or even a small group. This may happen after one year or after many.

When a disciple is ready to disciple someone else, all they must do is let us know. Every August we will host a Training Rally for ALL DGroups and DGroup Members to get them ready to start with their new group. We can assign members to new leaders, or a new leader can choose their own group. A new leader can also start a Missional DGroup (located with people outside of Crossroads).

Join a new group

In August, each current group will be moving to the next part of their discipleship phase. And (hopefully) many new groups will begin. Some members will leave, and others might stay, and many groups (if they choose to open) will have room for new members to join them. If you would like to leave your group and join another one, all you must do is let us know when you sign-up in August.

DGroup Rally Options

It is important that every person involved in DGroups come to one or our DGroup Rallies. We will have 2 options this year to help make sure that everyone can attend...

Wednesday, August 10 (6:30-8pm)

If you are NOT involved in the AWANA Ministry or the ONE80 Youth Ministry, you are invited to our DGroup Rally on Wednesday night, August 10.

Sunday, August 14 (12:30-2:30pm)

If you ARE involved in AWANA or the ONE80 Youth Ministry, or if you could not make it to the Dgroup Rally on August 10, you are invited to our DGroup Rally on Sunday, August 14, following our morning service. Lunch will be served with a requested donation of $4 per person.
Click here to be a part of a DGroup in 2022

Even if you have been a past DGroup, and would like to continue in that group, we are asking all people to re-submit to let us know what groups will be meeting beginning in August.

dlife Journal

In dlife Journal groups will read through the entire Bible together, beginning in the New Testament (NT) and ending with the Old Testament (OT). This is a four-year process (52 weeks per year) divided up with 2 years of the NT and 2 years of the OT. Each member of the group will have a journal that will lead them through their daily Bible reading, as well as a guide to lead them through a weekly group meeting. These journals are also available online.