Lago Vista Middle School


February 5th


Upcoming Events.....

Friday, February 5th -- School Dance & Movie Night 6:30 - 9:00

Monday, February 8th -- Tennis Practice for 7th grade (see announcement below)

Monday, February 8th -- Track Practice Starts

Tuesday, February 9th -- Tennis Practice for 8th grade (see announcement below)

Wednesday, February 10th -- DEIC Meeting

Wednesday, February 10th -- Student Council visits New Hope Nursing Home

Friday, February 12th -- Troy Kimmel speaks to 5th grade

Friday, February 12th -- NJHS Hoops for Hearts 3 on 3 Basketball Competition

Monday, February 15th -- NO School -- Presidents Day

Tuesday, February 16th -- SHAC Meeting

This week's attendance rate...

Our LVMS campus goal is to reach 98%!!

This week's attendance rate = 96% (down 1%)

Attendance Reminder...Parents please remember to always send in a note to excuse your child for their absence. A phone call does not excuse your child unless a note is received on your child's return to school. Thank you!

LVMS Repeats as UIL Champions!!!

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UIL Participants

We are so proud of our students and coaches on all the hard work that they put in to win us back 2 back Academic UIL Champions! Here are a list of all participants.

5th grade:

Sarah Baird

Julia Ball

Morgan Burke

Christopher Cisneros

Fischer Coffey

Bella Dreibrodt

Bradley Fought

Noe Goodwin

CJ Hood

Jillian Jungman

Berend Kahlden

Konnor Karg

Saydie Kassell

Gage Mayhew

Ivan McCormick

Liam Panter

Casey Parsons

Jaxen Rodriguez

Andrew Rowin

Oden Ruiz

Eli Simons

Sadie Stark

Peyton Stoner

Bradyn Taylor

Olivia Vincent

6th grade:

Preslie Havins

Cheyenne LeBlanc

Sarah Long

Morgan Moreland

Jaycie Greenlees

Phoebe Gale

Lorelee Felix

Avery Rague

Reese Raley

Klarissa Polikaitis

McKayla Ward

Katarina Leza

Kaylee Gaines

Cadence Samson

Lola Spedale

Makenna Walker

Isabella Zaleski

Beth Syer

Michael Thailing

Diego D’Lorm

Dalton Ditto

Wyatt Forbes

Dax Lawhon

Bryan Mohler

Lance Shook

Nathan McKee

Malcolm Lockhart

Ryder Phillips

Mikey D’Ambrose

Christian Burke

Luke Talley

Matthew Cannon

Hayden Pham

Evan Coley

Delaney Reighley

Mayce Ornelas

Preslie Havins

Kaylee Gaines

7th grade:

Avery Nichols

Schuyler Burke

Skylar Stefka

Cassie McKinney

Emily Pieklik

Leah Coldicott

Esther Long

Kyla Northcutt

Madysen Shepard

Grace Coldicott

Katelyn Coldicott

Adeline Womack

Lynnsey Bell

Zoe Wright

Lily Warren

Hannah Wright

Heather Power

Skyla Huckabee

Emma Eagle

Austin Coley

Jacob Rogers

Alberto Velazquez

Cash Jennings

Matthew Crenshaw

Garett Phariss

Cody Zepeda

Lucas Lawless

Trevor Alwell

Ryan Davis

Aiden Panter

Haley Horn

8th grade:

Monsie Martinez

Mallory Webb

Haley Nichols

Selina Harding

Zoe Wernsman

McKenzie Kelly

Reese Jennings

Juliessa Aguilar

Presleigh Lopez

Haily Pham

Itza Cantera

Marie Chan

Ashlyn Pasak

Sophia Kent

Karina Nieto-Peña

Mary Helen Wiesman

Holland Kichty

Jonah Kelley

Ben Carlton

Joe Joslin

Dillon McKee

Griffin Beard

Everest Colvin

William Hamilton

Zachary Johnson

Ben Vogel

Nate Spiers

Ethan Arnold

Andrew Smith

Josh Hernandez

Nathan Sussman

Preston Coffey

Griffin Beard

Natalie Adams

Sarah Stark

Ashlyn Pasak

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UIL Event Winners...


Ready Writing (Whitton)

  • 1st Place: Sadie Stark
  • 2nd Place: Bella Dreibrodt
  • 5th Place: Jillian Jungman

Oral Reading (Darcy Burke)

  • 5th Place: Jillian Jungman
  • 6th Place: Andrew Rowin

Music Memory (Whitton)

  • 1st Place: Peyton Stoner
  • 2nd Place: Saydie Kassell
  • 4th Place: Sarah Baird
  • Best Alternate: Oden Ruiz

Dictionary (Bell)

  • 6th Place: Casey Parsons

Art (Graham)

  • 4th Place: Fischer Coffey
  • 5th Place: Bradyn Taylor

Listening (Hambright)

  • 5th Place: Noe Goodwin

Number Sense (Hendrix)

  • 4th Place: Berend Kahlden

6th - 8th GRADE UIL WINNERS...

· One Act Play (Burke)

  • Kyla Northcutt – All Star Cast
  • Katelyn Coldicott – Honorable Mention All Star Cast
  • Iris Dannelley - Honorable Mention All Star Cast
  • Skylar Stefka – All Star Crew

· Ready Writing (Tomlin)

6th grade – Team 2nd

  • Dalton Ditto 4th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Kyla Northcutt 1st
  • Avery Nichols 2nd

8th grade – Team 2nd

  • Ashlyn Pasak 3rd
  • Dillon McKee 5th

· Chess Puzzle (Simons)

6th grade – Team 1st

  • Diego D’Lorm 1st
  • Hayden Pham 4th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Grace Coldicott 1st
  • Kyla Northcutt 2nd
  • Trevor Alwell 3rd

8th grade – Team 1st

  • Jonah Kelley 1st
  • Josh Hernandez 3rd

· Spelling (B. DuBose)

6th grade – Team 3rd

  • Ryder Phillips 5th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Katelyn Coldicott 1st
  • Lucas Lawless 3rd
  • Kyla Northcutt 4th

8th grade – Team 3rd

  • Mallory Webb 5th

· Music Memory (Ward)

6th grade – Team 1st

  • Diego D’Lorm 1st
  • Wyatt Forbes 2nd
  • Jaycie Greenlees 4th
  • Morgan Moreland 6th

· Science (Baugh)

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Heather Power 1st
  • Jacob Rogers 2nd
  • Aiden Panter 4th

8th grade – Team 2nd

  • Nathan Sussman 3rd
  • Ethan Arnold 4th
  • Sophia Kent 5th

· Modern Oratory (Vitolas)

6th grade – Team 1st

  • Bryan Mohler 1st
  • Avery Rague 2nd
  • Lorelee Felix 3rd

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Grace Coldicott 1st
  • Katelyn Coldicott 3rd
  • Leah Coldicott 5th

8th grade – Team 2nd

  • Holland Kichty 2nd
  • Presleigh Lopez 4th
  • Selina Harding 5th

· Number Sense (Phillips)

6th grade – Team 2nd

  • Ryder Phillips 2nd
  • Mikey D’Ambrose 4th
  • Michael Thailing 6th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Leah Coldicott 1st
  • Katelyn Coldicott 2nd
  • Adeline Womack 4th

8th grade – Team 3rd

  • Jonah Kelley 1st

· Maps, Graphs, & Charts (Luce-Wright)

6th grade – Team 2nd

  • Nathan McKee 3rd
  • Bryan Mohler 5th
  • Kaylee Gaines 6th

7th grade – Team 3rd

  • Hannah Wright 6th

8th grade

  • Dillon McKee 6th

· Editorial Writing (Elizondo)

6th grade – Team 3rd

  • Makenna Walker 1st

7th grade – Team 2nd

  • Skylar Stefka 1st
  • Cassie McKinney 6th

8th grade – Team 2nd

  • Ben Vogel 3rd
  • Natalie Adams 6th

· Oral Reading (Peña)

6th grade – Team 1st

  • Lorelee Felix 1st
  • Reese Raley 3rd
  • Klarisa Polikaitis 4th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Kyla Northcutt 1st
  • Cassie McKinney 2nd

· Calculator Applications (Stoner)

6th grade – Team 2nd

  • Cadence Sansom 3rd
  • Morgan Moreland 4th
  • Ryder Phillips 5th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Schuyler Burke 2nd
  • Cody Zepeda 3rd
  • Garett Phariss 4th

8th grade – Team 1st

  • Ben Carlton 1st
  • Jonah Kelley 2nd
  • Nate Spiers 4th

· Art Smart (Burke)

6th grade – Team 1st

  • Christian Burke 1st
  • Bella Zaleski 1st
  • Lola Spedale 3rd
  • Makenna Walker 5th
  • Lorelee Felix 6th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Adeline Womack 1st
  • Leah Coldicott 2nd
  • Emily Pieklik 3rd
  • Zoe Wright 4th

8th grade – Team 1st

  • Marie Chan 1st
  • Itza Cantera 2nd
  • Haily Pham 3rd
  • Andrew Smith 5th
  • Ashlyn Pasak 6th

· Impromptu Speaking (Elizondo 6th/Hill 7th & 8th)

6th grade – Team 1st

  • Cheyenne LeBlanc 2nd
  • Katarina Leza 3rd

7th grade – Team 2nd

  • Kyla Northcutt 3rd
  • Cash Jennings 5th
  • Madysen Shepard 6th

· Mathematics (Phillips)

6th grade – Team 2nd

  • Ryder Phillips 2nd
  • Mikey D’Ambrose 5th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Katelyn Coldicott 1st
  • Grace Coldicott 2nd
  • Adeline Womack 3rd

8th grade – Team 1st

  • Ben Carlton 3rd
  • Jonah Kelley 4th
  • Ethan Arnold 6th

· Dictionary Skills (Elizondo)

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Schuyler Burke 2nd
  • Skylar Stefka 2nd
  • Avery Nichols 4th

8th grade – Team 2nd

  • Mallory Webb 2nd
  • Monsie Martinez 5th

· Listening (Kelley)

6th grade – Team 1st

  • Nathan McKee 1st
  • Evan Coley 2nd
  • Beth Syer 4th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Skyla Huckabee 1st
  • Emily Pieklik 4th

8th grade – Team 1st

  • Karina Nieto-Peña 1st
  • McKenzie Kelly 3rd
  • Jonah Kelley 4th

· Social Studies (A. DuBose)

6th grade – Team 1st

  • Lance Shook 1st
  • Hayden Pham 4th
  • Dalton Ditto 6th

7th grade – Team 1st

  • Austin Coley 1st
  • Leah Coldicott 3rd
  • Emily Pieklik 5th

8th grade – Team 1st

  • Zoë Wernsman 1st
  • McKenzie Kelly 3rd
  • Jonah Kelley 4th
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IMPORTANT message for TENNIS...

On Monday, ALL 7th graders that are wanting to try out for tennis need to come to the tennis courts for a brief meeting and practice from 4-5. This is MANDATORY. If you do not show up, you will not be playing tennis this year.

On Tuesday, ALL 8th graders wanting to play tennis will need to report to the tennis courts from 4-5 for a brief meeting/practice. This is MANDATORY. If you do not show up, you will not play this year.

All players need to provide their own racket and proper shoes.


Coach DuBose

Counselor's Couch...

Our 8th grade students recently took the PSAT 8/9 test. The results are in and student scores were mailed home yesterday. LVMS students as a whole did AMAZING and represented us well! Check back next week for the rest of the story!

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2015-16 LVMS Parent Survey........

We are up to 84 responses for the parent survey! That's pretty good, but I'm sure we can do better. Your input is invaluable! Thank you to those who have participated.

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It's almost baseball and softball season....

LVUB Youth Baseball and Softball registration is open now at
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LVMS Golf Information for upcoming season...

Golf is one of our spring sports after track season. It is an after school sport only offered to 7th and 8th grade student-athletes. You must have a physical on file as well as all other athletic paperwork. You do not have to be in the athletic period to participate.

Students participating must provide transportation to and from the golf course for practice. They must also supply their own golf clubs, balls, and tees., as well as a basic knowledge of the game and some skill to be developed.

Practice will be twice a week from 4-5:30. Boys and girls will have separate days for practice. The practice schedule will be given out at a later date.

Tournaments will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays after school. Once the schedule has been finalized I will hand them out. Transportation to all tournaments will be provided by LVMS.

Players must understand that it is a privilege to participate on the golf team and to be able to use the course and facilities provided.

**If one does not follow course rules or is a problem, they can and will be removed from the course and team.

We will have an informational and schedule meeting at the beginning of March during lunch.

If there are any questions you can contact Coach Kudrna:


School Phone: 512-267-8300 x2500

Student Drop Off...

Just a reminder to drop your students off at Viking Hall in the morning. Supervision of students begins at 7:30.
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Yearbooks for SALE...


Memories are being made every day and we want to help you preserve them forever.

Your yearbook captures those once-in-a lifetime memories in a single place.

Guarantee that you will never forget them by purchasing your copy NOW!

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The LVMS order number is : 18995

Please have this number handy when you call or log in to order your yearbook.

To purchase directly via cash or check, order forms are available in the front office and on the middle school website. Order forms need to be returned to the front office or to Mrs. Luce Wright in Upper Campus Room 115.

Bleacher Report...

7th grade girls basketball report (Coach Hill)

7th B defeated Florence last night to cap off their season. The girls played great defense all game long only allowing 2 points to the Lady Buffaloes. The Lady Vikings got their offense from a pair of Madi’s, as Madysen Shepard and Madi Jackson combined to score all of the Lady Vikings 12 points on the evening. The 7th B Lady Vikings worked and played hard all season long and closed out their season the right way by defeating Florence. I had a blast coaching this group of young ladies and I know that through all of their hard work they’ll be making big contributions on future Lady Viking teams. Team members are Madi Jackson, Bree Greenless, Ivory Mason, Dakota Hutchins, Kyla Northcutt, Skyla Huckabee, Avery Nichols, and Madysen Shepard.

7th A defeated Florence last night 37-12 bringing their season to a close with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses. The girls pressed their way into the lead by converting one lay up pportunity after another off of Florence turnovers. Whenever Florence did score the Lady Vikings answered immediately pushing the ball up the floor before the defense could get set. The Lady Vikings did a great job sharing the ball resulting in six girls scoring multiple baskets. I had a great time coaching this group of young ladies. They had a great season and I can’t wait to see how they’ll develop in the future. Team members are Esther Long, Heather Power, Jade Press, Schuyler Burke, Emily Pieklik, Grace Rohne, Aryana Wallace, Josey Kannmacher, Cali Navarro, and Hailey Horn.

8th grade girls basketball report (Coach Rogers)

The 8th grade girls basketball team hosted Florence for their last game of the 2016 season. The 8th grade B team came out strong in the first half, putting up 7 points offensively, but, defensively, allowed Florence an equal 7 points in the first half. The lady Vikings continued to play well in the second half on offense, scoring 8 more points and holding Florence to only 5 points on defense. The final score of the game was 15-12, in favor of the Lady Vikings. The defensive player of the game was Natalie Adams. The offensive player of the game was Destiny Deveze, scoring 6 points.

Plagued with absences, injuries and sicknesses, the already vacant 8th grade A bench started out sluggishly in their last game of the season against the Lady buffs. Despite our disadvantages, by the end of the first half, the Lady Vikings managed to put up 18 points to the Lady Buff’s 12 points. Aggressive defense contributed to most of the scores for the Lady Vikings, but it also put the team into some foul trouble. The girls fought hard, in the second half, to control the ball. Successes from multiple players from the team enabled the Lady Vikings to secure their last win of the season. With 3 seconds left in the game, the score was 23-21, in favor of Lago. A shooting foul at the buzeer put one Lady Buffalo on the free-throw line with a chance to tie the game. Fortunately, for the Lady Vikings, she made only 1 out of the 2 free throws to secure the last win of the season for the Lady Vikings. The final score of the game was 23-22, in favor of Lago. The defensive players of the game were Itza Cantera and Sophia Kent. The offensive player of the game was Adyson Clark with 7 points scored. We are proud of all of our teams and would like to thank all of those who have come to our games, made the road trips, and supported us in the stands. We appreciate the time, effort, and dedication that all of our athletes, parents, and administration have put into the success of this year’s team(s). We could not have done it without you! We will see you next season… GO VIKINGS!

7th grade boys basketball report (Coach Rague)

7 Grade B team - The 7th grade B team had another strong performance last night. The team had their most points scored on the season with 24. They also held Florence to only 8 points on the evening. As a group the entire 16 players made many positive contributions. The team had 6 different individuals put points on the board. The boys were coming into the game wave after wave and increasing the lead with each line up.

Individually, Bryce Erickson was able to pour in 8 points in the first half while Jacob Rogers chipped in 5 points in the second half including his first career three pointer. Austin Coley also had his best showing of the season by playing some stellar defense at the top of the press and Ernesto Hernandez continued his strong play while converting two lay ups.

7th grade A Team - What a great season the 7th grade A team had as well. They were unable to go undefeated on the season at 10-0. More importantly, every single player on the team showed a great amount of improvement as the year went on. In the game last night, the boys came out strong in the first quarter and were leading 13-4 after one quarter. The vikings actually had 5 different people score in the first quarter alone showing great depth. The scoring continued to improve in the second quarter and the Vikings went into the locker room leading 28-14. In the second half the Viking defense got even better while only allowing 4 points to be scored. For the first time the entire season the boys hit the 50 point mark with 8 different players contributing to the scoring.

Individually Lucas Lawless got things going scoring. He made 10 first half points followed with Rory Maxwell scoring 7 points. Kaleb Alderete and David Rague each scored 6 points in the first half. A huge reason for all the scoring was the rebounding and passing of Josh Alexander. Several times he ripped down rebounds and threw full court passes to his teammates for easy scores. Then in the second half Josh took over a lot of the scoring and contributed 9 points. The biggest basket of the night may have been scored by Blaze Seeley though. With 1.7 seconds left, Blaze collected a rebound and scored to have the Vikings reach 50 points. There was a huge reaction from the players on the bench as time elapsed and the boys realized they had completed their undefeated season.

There was so much improvement from each player on this team. Trace Sweet, Noah Yetley, Anson Eluetaris, Hunter Phillips,Blaze Seeley and Bryce Erickson made huge strides throughout the season and will be pushing this season's starters for playing time entering 8th grade.

The one thing that impressed me as coach more than anything else was the character these boys showed over the coarse of the season. The boys played with a lot of heart and determination and even sometimes showed their frustrations. As I hoped, they learned from every situation and became better leaders and better teammates. They worked hard, played hard, and showed a lot of class. I couldn't have asked for anything more from all the 7th graders, both A team and B team, this season. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to do it all again next year.

8th grade boys basketball report (Coach Tomlin)

This week was the last week of 8th grade Basketball. All the kids played amazingly and I had a great season coaching them. Let's start off with the 8th grade B team. They played an amazing game led by Josh Weiner and Gonzo Hidalgo. Defensive team stats were led by Josh Hernandez and Jack Hood. Holding down the press with Evers Colvin and Jack Stewart. Nate Spires and Zach Johnson led the way at the point guard position. Great job B team on the win.

The 8th grade a team one as well. The leading scorers were Sam Hurley and Dylan McKee. Leading rebounders were Ben Carlton and Hunter Sims. Leading the team in blocks was Tristan Arambula. In the best field goal percentage was Andrew Smith. Thank you to all the parents and fans that came out all seasons had a great time coaching the eighth grade A & B team. Thank you for everything!

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