Indian Education Program Update

Title VI and Johnson O'Malley

Program and service information

The EPS Indian Education office will provide continuous updates as determined by EPS guidelines. Our first priority is to ensure the safety of all students, staff, and families. Program activities, events, and services are being determined and may be provided on a limited basis. Please make sure your current information is updated with your school. You may contact the school if you have an address, email, or phone number change. Providing the updated information will insure our records are current as we send program updates to you on the Title VI and the Johnson O'Malley programs.

Cultural Learning Opportunities

Please look for our cultural google form that will be sent out. Student tribal information packets, cultural/art kits and links to cultural videos will be provided for interested students. Information will be explained on how your child may receive these exciting resources for learning and creating. This new approach will be provided in place of activities and events for the current semester.

College and Career Opportunities

High school students will be sent information on college and career opportunities as they become available. Our staff representative, Mrs. Courtney Tsotigh-Yarholar will be contacting you by email. Meetings will be scheduled and may be requested via Zoom on student's virtual learning days. Look for updates from Courtney!

Tutorial Services

Tutorial services for the program are being determined. Tutoring is provided for students with academic needs in core subject areas. With the current school guidelines, tutorial services are being revised and will be determined accordingly, for the safety of our students and teachers. Information will be provided as it becomes available. You may also email should you have questions.

Johnson O'Malley Program (JOM)

The JOM program provides educational and cultural services for JOM students. Eligibility guidelines for JOM is to provide a copy of your child's tribal documentation (tribal enrollment card, citizenship certificate, tribal letter) from a federally recognized tribe.


1. Educational cost services such as school supplies, senior fees, and technology fees.

2. Student Incentives such as award activities, competitions, and recognitions.

3. Cultural Opportunities such as language, art, and cultural programs.

4. Summer Opportunities include a mini camp, and summer school fees.

Parent Committee

Interested parents may participate and join our parent committee. A parent committee is required for both the Title VI and Johnson O'Malley programs. Please contact the office if you would like additional information.

Friendly Reminder

Please visit our EPS link. Information on Title VI and the Johnson O'Malley programs can be found, along with the class of 2020 video, the Indian Education Resource guide booklet, and additional resources and forms.