Digital Citizenship Project

Hannah P. Period 2

#1 Rule: Digital Etiquette

1. be respect full on online: You want to be nice online the "Good guy" in the chat room. Be the super hero!

#2 Rule: Information Privacy

Don't give out your personal info. out for any one to read: You wouldn't give out your info. when some one asks you out on the street would you.

#3 Rule: Social Networking

Don't just talk to strangers the say "Lets chat!": I would only want to talk to my friends and not some stranger, you know what they day "stranger danger."

#4 rule: online safety

Don't give out your password to anyone: If you give out you password some one could login to your account.

#5 rule: cyber-bulling

Tell a parent or teacher if some one is bullying you: they might be able to stop it

#6 Rule: NOT plagrizing

Do not copy and paste other peoples work: if you made this really cool and some one just copied it you would hate that.

#7 rule: hackers

Do not give out credit card numbers and stuff like that: hackers might steal that information.

Paragraph: The 7 Rules

The most important rule is to not give out your personal information. All these rules are REALLY important. Digital Citizen Ship is very important, especially when your a gamer. Remember all these rules.