Caeyden Myers

Student Profile

Vision for Caeyden

Caeyden will be successful in school and in peer relationships. He will feel he has an important positive role in his school and classroom community.

Strengths/ Skills/ Gifts/ Capacities

-Visual Memory: How to put something together, driving directions, location, memory games.

-Rides a two wheeled bike since 3 yrs. old

-Visual learner

-Puts together 25-50 piece puzzles on his own.

-Loves learning, as long as it's fun.

-Smart: High level thinker

-Wants to do well

-Strong Swimmer



-Wants to make people laugh and smile.

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What Works

-First this, then....

-Challenging material



-Firm voice

-Firm rules

-Firm consequences

-Don't laugh when he does something inappropriate (Even though it may be funny)

What Doesn't Work

-Easy material




-Sitting still for long periods of time.

-Being sent home.

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