Swim classes?

Swim classes for children with special needs

We strive for perfection

Even since Sophie Good noticed that little kids at her school were not as fit as she was, she wondered why? She looked Into sports in her area, and found that there were almost no programs for children with special needs. She then thought to herself... What can I do to help? Sophie reflected back to her own experiences and past time. She goes to a swim club at a local pool, and finds other clubs practicing there too. Sophie thought... Why can't I make a program too?

Shining swimmers swim lessons

Saturday, Feb. 27th, 11:30am-12:15pm

Green port pool (126 green port lane, Green Port PA)

Please join us with any gender, and special need, ages 5-10

How to sign up

**CALL AHEAD REQUIRED** call at least 24 hours ahead, we can accept up to 30 children. If there are enough children interested, we may create a second date. Please be ready to give information about your child, and come to the pool prepared with a swimsuit, goggles, and a towel. No money required, your first lesson is free! Call 2887689071

What happens next?

When you arrive at promptly 11:30, we will play an introducing game and get to know your kids. We will then place your children into groups based on skill. We will work with your child as a group before reassuring you that will will give your child at least 10 minutes of individual feedback. Questions? Feel free to call 2887689071

We want your child to feel included

We have CPR trained staff and 2 licensed swim teachers, as well as 4 teachers specialised with children with special needs. We also have 6 completely volunteered experienced teenagers. For now we only have 1 hour at the pool, but of there is interest, we will have weekly classes starting in March.