Mr. Montgomery PreAP Plans

What Do I Gotta Do? March 18th - 22nd

Some of the week's highlights:

To Compliment or Complement- Understanding what Subject Complements are and the difference between S.C. and Direct Objects

- Study and take Cornell Notes, page 396 - 399. Show understanding by completing 1-10

- Watch and discuss (In/Out Circle) "Grammar Bytes Video"

Compare and Contrast Paper

Continue working on Comp/Cont paper.

- Research topics in Computer Lab

- Create Double Bubble Map for notes and ideas (Create map on paper or use

- Write rough draft of paper (1- 2 pages) with intro, paper body, and conclusion.

- Edit and revise rough draft

- Write Final draft

- Due by end of class Friday (Will turn in prewriting, rough draft, and final draft)

See the following website if you need help-

Friday- SSR and SSW. Be Prepared for class by having a novel to read for SSR.

Guaranteed to be informative and educational. Hopefully (for no extra money), even a little fun!