12 year old dies from UN Airstrikes

Save the innocent

Air strikes kills dozens of civilians

Last night, after ISIS gained most of the horn in Somalia, UN decided to act. They deployed 6 major air drones and completed one of the deadliest air strikes in the past decade. The primary objective was to obliterate all jihadists in the area. Unfortunately the intel they received was incorrect. The intel reported that there were no civilians in the area and it was ravaged a few weeks ago. Little to their knowledge, the jihadists had brought hundreds of locals and told them to continue with life as if nothing was about to happen. Then 4 days later it happened. Hundreds of people died at the hands of an unfortunate drone.

Boy dies on his way to school

Amhed al Gaddafi, a 12 year old boy on his way to school in Afghanistan was killed by a air strike. He was walking from his village to a nearby village for the first day if school when he was brutally hit by this terrible UN mistake. " Why did they do this?" Gaddafi's mother said " what gives them the right to kill my son?". His mother who was at a loss for words, hit out at the foreign terrorism fighting organizations. " Not everyone here is a terrorist." She exclaimed. " Tell the world that we are good people who mean no harm. Yes, there are jihadists here, and they do hurt us but I will not undergo anymore air strikes for the price of my son." Locals are very mad with 78 deaths and counting. UN has responded issuing an apology statement and money, but that is irrelevant to the people who have just lost their family members. The UN will have to be very careful with their upcoming plans of stopping terrorism in the Middle East.