Isotope of Sodium

By: Jonathon Valdez

Who discovered sodium-22?

Humphrey Davy, he was in England in the year 1807. At the time that sodium hydroxide was discovered, it was considered an elementary substance and was called a fixes alkali

Number of known isotopes= 18

Sodium-22 is the Isotope name for sodium



11Na is the Chemical symbol for sodium


11 is the atomic # of sodium

names of other isotopes

Everything between sodium-18 through sodium-37
Atomic mass - 22.98977

# of protons- 11

# of electrons- 11

# of neutrons- 12

What is radioactive decay???

the spontaneous breakdown of an atomic nucleus resulting in the release of energy and matter from the nucleus.

Two physical properties of sodium-22

1. It has a shine or glow

2. Good conductivity

Two uses for sodium-22

1. Can be used to recalibrate russian nuclear detectors

2. Used for multiple medical reasons

Two interesting facts about sodium-22

  1. Can be used to test for leaks in oil pipe lines
  2. Can be used as tracers to follow sodium in a persons body