Night of the Twisters

by:Ivy Ruckman

All the characters!

Dan: the main character

Arther: Dan's best friend

Dad: Dans dad

Mom: Dan's mom

Ryan: Dan's baby brother

Aunt Goldie: Dan's aunt

Mrs.Smiley: Dan's nighber

Stacey: Arther's sister

Officer Kelly: miner character/police

The tornado

Problem and solution

Problem: The problem is that a tornado hit there house and Arther ,Dan , and baby Ryan were all alone!

Solution: They all lived and went out side and Stacey came to help us get out of the house and when they went to look for there mom. They looked around and there was a car and it was moms car. Dan ran to the car and pushed it of every thing under and mom was under it.

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There was a tornado Tuesday evening in Grand Island, NEB . Twelve-year-old Dan and his friend Arthur here tornado warnings and the wind starts to howl and soon enough a tornado comes so Dan and Arthur went down stairs and Arthur ran but then Dan remembered Ryan. Dan ran up stairs and grabbed Ryan and went down stairs in the bath tub and it came. Little do they if they will survive or not.


Did you know that there were seven tornados hit on that same day!

Did you know that there were only 4 people died and 134 injuring.