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Coffee Table Oval

How to Buy a Coffee Table: The Best Coffee Table Is Opinion

There is no such thing as the best coffee table, so when you buy a coffee table it is no more than opinion. What one person will like another might abhor. Such tables are like that, so let's take a brief look at what is available and how they might fit into your room furnishings and décor - if they have to fit in.

If you make the right choice then the table you might buy would likely be controversial. These are not so much accent pieces or items of occasional furniture, but conversation pieces. In fact the best coffee table you could buy would provoke discussion - or perhaps even argument as to what it means or why it should even be where it is - in your sitting room, click this link

Provocative but Functional

Coffee tables can be a fusion of the living and the abstract - a combination of aquarium and modern art. An ottoman combining storage, coffee pot and fish - though not fish for eating but for discussion. It is a living item of furniture that is both beautiful and thought provoking. A provocative item of furniture is sure to keep the conversation flowing over coffee.

To put it in simpler terms, it should be a piece of furniture that people notice and comment upon, but that can also be used for setting down snacks, coffee cups and drinks glass. That, after all, is its primary raison d'être. Above all else,this type of table must be functional and the fish should not get in the way of the cups, nor should the books leave no room for the plates.

The Best Coffee Table for You

While that provocative coffee table might look fabulous, if also somewhat unusual, and appear to have been chosen with no apparent reasoning, that could be far from the truth. It takes a good eye to select something that provokes discussion, and it must also be selected to fit in perfectly to the space available for it. Here are some tips on that point:

Check the seating height of all the seating in your living room or lounge. Your table must be of a suitable height and if your seating heights are irregular you may need two such tables - one for each set of furniture. There is nothing wrong with using a coffee table only for one sofa which would resolve that problem.

Size is Important...

You should be able to pick up and set down a cup without excessive bending or stretching. The average occasional table stands around 16-20 inches high. Then you have the length to think about. A table the full length of a sofa would be too long - about 50 - 60% of the sofa length works well.

Round, square or oval it's really up to your personal preference, but if you want to be controversial, you can do a lot with angles and curves, and there is no reason why they cannot be combined. So lose the idea that your table must be rectangular, round or oval.

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