Rhino Report

October 2022

Important Dates:

  • Oct. 4 DC Fire Dept. visiting Kinder-2nd grades
  • Oct. 7 Kinder Kray 2:10PM
  • Oct. 18 McTeacher Night (North Mcdonald's) 5PM-8PM
  • Oct. 20 4th Grade Music Program 6PM
  • Oct. 20 5th Grade Music Program 7PM
  • Oct. 21 No School (Teacher Work Day & Staff Development Day)
  • Oct. 25 Picture Retakes
  • Oct. 26 Vision Screening
  • Oct. 27 2nd Grade Music Program 6PM
  • Oct. 27 3rd Grade Music Program 7PM
  • Oct. 28 Fun With Firsties 5:30PM
  • Oct. 28 Title 1 Reading Scavenger Hunt 5:30 PM

Kindergarten- Mrs. Slattery, Mrs. Del Real, Mrs. Vigil, Mrs. Blackburn

Math Update

  • The students will continue to count, order and draw up to 10 objects. Please continue to practice at home.
  • Module 2 will begin at the end of October. Module 2 is on 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes.
  • Key Vocabulary: positional words such as; Above, below, in front of, behind, next to. Flat - 2D shapes. Solid-3D shapes.

ELA Update

  • The students have learned letters A-Z. Continue to practice their name and sound. They are also learning story elements, which include: character, setting, and main idea.

  • Students will also continue to work on sight words.

  • Students will also be working on rhyming words and identifying the middle (CVC) sound of a given word.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • Continue reading together at home to help your child meet their reading goal.

1st Grade- Miss Theis, Mrs. Hansen, Mrs. Burkhart, Mrs. Veeder

Math Update
  • Add and subtract within 10
  • Understand equal sign
  • Solving word problems to add and subtract within 10
  • Knowing if 2+5=7 then 5+2=7

ELA Update

  • Understanding key details in a text
  • Understanding the central message using illustrations
  • Writing: opinion and explanatory (explain experiences)

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • Read two books

2nd Grade- Mrs. VanArsdale, Mrs. Hessman, Miss Leslie, Ms. Montes

Math Update
  • ENY Math Module 3: Students will be working on place value of a number. Standard form, word form, expanded form and unit form of a number.
  • Comparing two numbers: greater than, less than.

ELA Update

  • ELA focus: Students will focus on retelling the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

    Students will use temporal words to show the sequence of events.

    Phonics: Students will work on digraphs ((CH, SH, TH, WH) and R controlled vowels ( OR, AR)

Reading Goal

  • October reading goal sent home. Read 20 minutes minimum each night. Reading goals due November 2nd.

3rd Grade- Mrs. Cook, Miss Cox, Ms. Martinez, Mrs. Gutierrez, Mrs. Heirs

Math Update
  • Please continue practicing your multiplication facts and skip counting.

  • We will begin exploring time, capacity, weight, and length.

  • Ask your child to tell the time to the nearest minute using a non-digital watch or an analog clock. Play with the clock or watch hands to create different times to tell.

  • At the store, ask your child to use the food scale in the produce section. Have them guess the metric weight (in grams or kilograms) before they put an item on the scale.

ELA Update

  • We will do an informative writing piece about a topic that they will research and present to the class. Discuss the details that writers use to convey the central message.

  • While reading with your child, ask your child to recall important ideas from their story.

  • We are focusing on the central message of stories. Discuss the lesson that can be learned from the story.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • The reading goal is due October 19.

4th Grade- Mrs. Guerrero, Miss. Murillo, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Hager, Mrs. Groth

Math Update
  • This month we will be working in module 2, a short unit on metrics measurement. We will then start module 3 over multi-digit multiplication and division.

  • At home, notice measurements around the house. What can you measure? How are the measurements comparing?

  • Your family can continue working towards mastery of multiplication facts through 12’s. This is a long unit with many concepts taught.

ELA Update

  • This month we will start unit 1, module B. We will compare and gather ideas from multiple sources in informational texts. In writing we will conduct research based on questions about informational text.
  • At home, ask your child to summarize (retell) what they are reading. Make sure they are including important details from the text.

Quarterly Reading Goal

(All books are at the student's reading level)

  • 2 book reports- genre and projects are teacher discretion

5th Grade- Mrs. Irsik, Miss Bacon, Mrs. Botello, Mrs. Jenkins

Math Update
  • After working with place value, we will be moving to multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers in Module 2. We will start with whole numbers and then we will work with decimal numbers and various operations using different models for practice.

ELA Update

  • During the month of October we will be primarily determining the relationships between individuals, concepts, and events based on information provided in texts. Within writing, our focus is developing a topic with given facts, definitions, and concrete details.

Quarterly Reading Goal

  • One fiction book report
  • One nonfiction book report

  • One personal choice book report

Music- Miss Corwin and Mrs. Bennett

  • Kindergarten- loud and soft/Counting Creatures-steady beat
  • 1st Grade- Piano (soft) / Forte (loud)
  • 2nd Grade- crescendo/decrescendo (gradually getting louder or softer)
  • 3rd Grade-Students are learning VERY LOUD and very soft (fortissimo and pianissimo)
  • 4th Grade- Listen to your favorite song for the introduction and the ending
  • 5th grade- Listen to your favorite songs that have more than one vocalist at a time.

Physical Education- Mr. Rogers and Mr. Burkhard


Library- Mrs. Fairbank

Character Pumpkins Are Back!

What: Students and staff may decorate a pumpkin to represent a character from a book. We encourage you to have fun painting and decorating your pumpkins. But please do not carve or cut pumpkins as then they will start to rot while on display.

When: You can bring your pumpkin to the library between October 1st and October 15th. We will keep them on display for parents and kids to see in the library. We will send home the pumpkins at the end of October.

Who: Any student or staff at Ross Elementary. Please be sure to put your name and teacher’s name on your project.

Why: To celebrate our favorite characters, books, and reading!!!!
Big picture

Student Support Services- Ms. Alarcon

Hello, Ross Families

As you know, we are using the Second Step program in your child’s classroom. The Second Step program teaches children important skills for getting along with others and doing well in school. It also helps our school be a safe, respectful place where everyone can learn. This month we are going to use the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit in honor of national bullying prevention month.

Your child will learn specific skills to help stop bullying in the lessons. In this unit students will learn how to:

Recognize when bullying is happening

Report bullying to a caring adult

Refuse to let bullying happen to themselves or others

Be a bystander who stands up and is part of the solution to bullying.

Feel free to contact me if I can assist your family in any way.


-Ms. Alarcon

School Psychologist- Mrs. Millershaski

Fine Motor Activities for Home

  • Place buttons on drawn line
  • Press dry pasta into play dough
  • Wrap toys in paper
  • Use a single hole punch with paper
  • Clip clothespins to cardboard
  • String buttons onto pipe cleaners
  • Complete puzzles
  • Play with Legos
  • Color on sandpaper

Required Information for Parents:

If you have questions regarding the professional qualifications of your child’s teacher or paraprofessional, please contact the school principal to gain more information on teacher qualifications and observed teaching performance.

If you have questions regarding your student’s state assessment scores, please contact the school principal where your child is attending school.

Parents will be contacted by the school if their child(ren) is taught for four or more continuous weeks by a teacher that does not meet the appropriate state certification standards. Letters are mailed out in September and February of the school year.

All students/families served in Title 1 schoolwide buildings must complete a parent school compact agreement for Success.