Miss LeMarr's Weekly Update

September 13 - 17

Notes from the Teacher 📝

*Book Fair - The book fair will be at school from September 20 - 24. Our class will have a scheduled time to go, and I will let you all know when that is as soon as I know.

*Snacks - Thank you Amiyah H. and Co'Darian for bringing snacks for the class to enjoy during snack time!

*Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Important Dates 📌

*September 17 - APA Meeting 8:15am

*September 20 - 24 - Book Fair Week

What We Are Learning ✏️

Reading: Many Kinds of Matter by Jennifer Boothroyd
  • Elements of Informational Text, Respond to Reading

Phonics: Saxon Lessons 16-20

  • Digraph ch, part 2
  • The Voiced S
  • Combination ur
  • Combination ir
  • Spelling Test 3
  • Phonics Assessment 4

Grammar: Punctuation - declarative, interrogative, exclamatory


  • Even and Odd
  • 10 More/Less and 100 More/Less
  • +2 Facts

Science: Changes in Matter

Social Studies: Where is the United States?

Homework 📚

*A lot of the time, students have an opportunity to complete, or almost complete their homework in class.

Monday: Odd Numbers; Spelling Packet List 3 - due Friday

Tuesday: Even Numbers

Wednesday: No Homework

Thursday: 10 More, 10 Less

Friday: No homework on Fridays 😁

*Please read with your child 15-20 minutes every night.*