The One & Only Leonardo Da Vinci

By:A.J. Fox

The Life of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in the town of Vinci, Italy. He spent most of his life living in Italy, while constantly alternating between living in the towns of Florence and Milan. Leonardo did not live in Italy again after he spent a few years in Rome working for his patron Pope Leo X and then headed to France to work for King Francis where he lived the rest of his life. During his childhood Leonardo's father educated him in his own house. He was taught the usual elementary education, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Once he left the comfort of his home to enter the real world in 1467 he became an apprentice learning painting, sculpture, and acquiring technical and mechanical skills. Leonardo continued on as he excelled at being an artist, engineer, scientist, inventor, and believe it or not, he was also known to be a decent singer. Finally in 1482, Leonardo had recieved his first patron, Duke Ludovico Sforza of Milan. Leonardo didnt only paint for the Duke, he also designed machinery and weapons too. On the sixteenth year that Leonardo had worked for his first patron, Duke Ludovico Sforza had died. He died shortly after Leonardo Da Vinci completed one of his more famous paintings known as,"The Last Supper". Shortly after the duke's death, Leonardo packed his bags and headed back to his hometown of Florence. Shortly after Leonardo's return to Florence, he and his new partner Michelangelo di Ludovico Buonarroti Simoniwere commissioned by Niccolo Machiavelli to paint frescos on the walls of the new city hall. During this time, Leonardo was also working on his most famous (Now the World's most famous) painting known as the Mona Lisa. Towards the end of Leonardo's completion of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo's father passed away. A brawl in Leonardo's family developed over who inherited who and Leonardo was the only family member to not recieve anything. He had decided to leave Italy for the first time in his life and head to Rome to work for his new patron, Pope Leo X. Leonardo lived in the Vatican so that he could further explore the arts while working on his commissioned pieces for the church. Leonardo did not create many new paintings during this period, because he concentrated on his drawings instead. After he was done working for Pope Leo X, Leonardo had traveled to France where he worked for his final patron, King Francis the 1st. King Francis generously gave Leonardo his own private residence and studio, in which he taught, and continued work on his studies, drawings, and sketches. Leonardo soon began to grow old of age and evetually developed paralyisis in his right hand, which even though he was left handed, still made it very difficult for him to work. On the second day of May, 1519, Leonardo Da Vinci died at the age of 67, with King Francis at his side.

Painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, physicist, astronomer, and most of all, a great thinker. Leonardo Da Vinci is one of history's most intelligent humans, and also one of history's finest artist. Although he only completed 6 major paintings in his entire career, they include some of the most importaant images ever created.

Leonardo Da Vinci's World Famous Mona Lisa

This Painting is called the Mona Lisa and was created by Leonardo Da Vinci from 1503 to 1517. Yes that is correct, it took Leonardo 15 years to complete the Mona Lisa! The Mona Lisa is so significant because it is one of Leonardo Da Vinci's six major paintings. It is by far the most famous of all the pieces of art Da Vinci created and has a special twist to what makes this piece of historical art so well known around the world. No one knows who Leonardo Da Vinci painted! Most historians are pointing towards the daughter of a prominent Florence Family, her name is Lisa Gherardini, but the identity has never been confirmed. I find this piece so interesting because everyone in the world knows this painting or atleast who painted it. It is beyond an amazing phenomenon that a such a simple painting of a women can be listed as priceless forever! Leonardo Da Vinci exemplifies all of what humanism is. One of his six major paintings called the Virtruvian Man showed his fascination in the human body of a man

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