December News

Ms. Brokenshire's Grade 3 Class

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Season's Greetings!

As we move into our final weeks of 2015, here's a look at what we are up to in Room B 105...

We are working on an author study of children's author and illustrator, Jan Brett. This writer is known for her gorgeous artwork and her lovely stories, especially her Christmas and winter-themed ones. In this literature study, we are focusing on comparing and contrasting stories (particularly different versions of the same plot), writing story summaries (rather than retelling; ask your child to explain the difference), and exploring how authors come up with their story ideas.

Guided reading groups are underway, and it is great to have the chance to meet with small groups of students who are reading the same book so that we can have in-depth conversations about characters, plot, and author's purpose. This month we are learning what it means to make inferences while reading. Ask your child about this high-level reading strategy!

As writers, we have been practicing expressing our personal opinions in writing, and the students all agree that with a few good sentence frames and some meaningful signal words, their writing is becoming much more organized, descriptive, and fluent when read aloud. This is our goal, and it is so exciting to see the students recognize their growth in this area.

In math, Mr. Singh is wrapping up his unit on fractions, and we are doing some work with 3-dimensional solids in geometry. Of course, we are continuing to develop many concepts in our Daily Math booklets, such as 3-digit place value, 2-digit addition and subtraction strategies (including mental math), and problem solving. We have also discovered how much fun it is to practice basic facts through an online game called Kahoot. HUGE EXCITEMENT whenever we do this activity!

Mr. Singh has also been teaching lessons from our hearing and sound unit in science, and soon it will be time to build some musical instruments! I will wait to do this activity until after Christmas, though, so watch for more news on this in the New Year.

Speaking of Mr. Singh, he will soon be finished his practicum with us. His last day is next Wednesday, December 16th. It has been absolutely wonderful to have him with us, and we are going to find it hard to let him go! But what a great experience for him to get to begin his teaching career with such an amazing group of kids. Be proud of your little people; they have been excellent "teacher trainers". :)

Believe it or not, even with all of this learning going on, we are still managing to have a lot of Christmas fun! We have a few fun art projects on the go, we've got our Festival of Trees mini-tree to decorate, and we have a rockin' song ready for the Christmas concert. 'Tis the season!

No Gym? No Problem!

With all of the special activities going on in our gym (White Elephant Sale, Christmas concerts), Mrs. McQuesten often has to conduct her gym lessons in our classroom. No gym? No problem! Here's a look at some cup stacking that went on in our room last week.
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Classroom Christmas Plans

Our last day of classes is on Friday, December 18th. I think we'll watch a Christmas movie in our classroom in the morning (feel free to send snacks if you like; 25 children in our room) and then we have a Grade 3 Christmas swim in the afternoon.

Thank You!

Thank you for all of your support at our White Elephant Sale and our Sock Scramble last week. Without your support and the leadership of our wonderful Parent Council, we couldn't make events like these happen at our school, and we truly have A LOT OF FUN with these special activities. (I wish I had pictures of our sock scramble, but I was way too busy running away from flying mittens and underwear!) Thanks again, and we are looking forward to more special events like these in the New Year.

Portfolio Walks

Thank you to everyone who was able to come in to see me last month. I really appreciated getting to sit down and chat with each of you. Please don't forget to return your child's portfolio to school within the next few days so we have them all back before the Christmas break.

Happy Holidays!

I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your family in the New Year. See you again in 2016!
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Upcoming Dates

December 14 - Grade 3 Christmas Concert @ 6:30 pm

December 18 - Grade 3 Christmas swim @ 12:45; last day of classes

January 4 - Classes resume

January 22 - Staff collaboration day; no school for students