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We A.R.E. Robinson! 8.28.20

Parent Letter

To the RNR Families,

Thank you for weathering the storm with us as we begin this school year. The nature of the year has required a great deal of flexibility. Thank you for your patience and grace you have shown to us. We would like to recognize and celebrate all that you are doing at home. We know you are working tirelessly and we appreciate you. We hope this Smore will give you some important information about our transition back to face to face.

Your RNR Administration, Teachers, and Staff

Arrival & Dismissal

RNR doors open at 7:00. Students will enter the building, have their temperature taken, and proceed to their grade level's location (see below). Once in their location, students will sit by their advisory class. *Students need to know their advisory teacher. Students that need to grab a breakfast will have an opportunity to do so.

6th Grade: Auditorium

7th Grade:Big Gym

8th Grade:Small Gym



Students will also follow a new dismissal procedure. In order to have smaller numbers of children together, students will remain in their last period class until called for buses and to be released. The following is a timeline that we will use for parent pick up and system transportation.

2:45 p.m. First group of buses will be released to load. 6th Grade students will be dismissed along with any siblings so that students can be loaded at the same time.

2:50 p.m. Second group of buses will be released to load. 7th grade students will be dismissed along with any siblings.

2:55 p.m. 8th Grade students remaining will be released. (Coaches and afternoon sponsors move to your location while supervising hallways.)

3:00 p.m. Walkers go to the auditorium. Athletes report to designated areas.

3:05 Walkers will be released after most of the cars are out of the parking lot to make it safer for them.

3:15 All students should be off the RNR Campus unless they are participating in an after school activity.

This will reduce the volume of cars at any given time. Please stagger your arrival time as much as possible to help our plan out. This will give us eyes on children the entire time and will cut down on congestion in the front of the building. We have proposed to the city that we would make Jessee way after fall break. They are working on that. This would give us a great opportunity to make our pick up safer for everyone. All traffic would empty out on Center St. where we have our SRO stationed. This plan would make it safer and help us with social distancing. We will be sending out more information as we are closer to the date.

All students should be off the RNR Campus by 3:15 unless they are participating in an after school activity.

Things to Know for Day 1


  • Students will have assigned seats throughout the day.

  • Masks are required.

  • Gum is prohibited.

  • Visitors are not allowed in the building.

  • Please remind your student how they will get home. (Ride the bus, walk, car rider)

  • No intramural sports will be happening at this time.


  • Doors open at 7:00.

  • The first bell rings at 7:35 each day; classes begin at 7:45.

  • School ends at 2:45 and students must be picked up by 3:00

  • Car riders should be dropped off and picked up at the front of the building ONLY.

  • All students should be picked up and off of the campus by 3:15 unless they are in a sponsored activity.

Supplies & Belongings

  • Please write students’ FIRST and LAST names on all personal belongings brought to school.

  • Lockers will not be used this year. Students will carry their backpacks with them throughout the day.

  • Students should bring to school every day: backpack, charged chrome book and charger, and school supplies. Community school supply items are discouraged so please provide your own supplies, such as: headphones/earbuds, pencils, colored pencils, etc.

  • We will not have the staff to deliver materials or messages to students that have left belongings at home.

  • Hats and hoods should not be worn in the building.

Breakfast and Lunch:

  • Cafe number is the same as elementary school

  • Students will be eating in their classrooms.

  • Breakfast costs $1.50 and begins at 7:15

  • Lunch costs $2.65. Students will be eating in the classroom until further notice. Students will not have access to microwaves to heat food.

  • Fast food is not permitted in the building. Please have students finish their breakfast before coming to school.

  • Free lunch by application only: Click here:

Water Only:
  • Students will not be allowed to bring in any beverages other than water. (Ex: Tea, coffee)

  • Plain water ONLY is acceptable for students to have with them in classes during the day in a leak-proof container. Please fill their water before coming to school. Our water fountains are currently disabled except for the bottle filler option.


  • Phones and Smartwatches will be turned off and stored in backpacks at 7:45. Students will be able to access these items again at 2:45 dismissal.

Behavioral Expectations

As you know, the KCS Student Handbook outlines behavior and consequences in detail. You may access that here:

Please review the handbook with your children. At school, we will hold students accountable for their behavior with 4 expectations (safe, kind, independent, and productive). We know our students will SKIP through life if they are safe, kind, independent, and productive.

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Contact Information: We have a virtual flipbook!

Click the link here:

If you open it in "present" mode you can click the links to navigate back and forth.

Parking Lots

Dear Families,

Please do not enter the two faculty parking lots on campus. We have parking alongside the road for visitors or across the road in the former Ryan's parking lot. Athletes will no longer be allowed to be dropped off in the parking lot by the gym.

Aspen Access

We are no longer using PowerSchool for our school information system. We now have Aspen. Students have a log-in for Aspen. Parents will receive this information as soon as it is available.

Need Tech Support?

All Students

  • If you are having trouble with your device (including issues with hardware or support logging in to your device), please contact the KCS Tech Services department at or by calling (423) 378-8500.

  • If you are having issues with ClassLink, please contact Tech Services using the information above. If you are attempting to access ClassLink, please use this link:

Remote Choice Learning 2020 Students

  • Teachers will be continuing to work on assignments and contacting families using the email provided during RCL2020 sign-up. Rosters were completed over the weekend. Students should begin to see specific courses assigned to them in Odysseyware. This is where students will be able to see their specific schedules.

  • Log into Odysseyware using the same username and password you used last year. If you are unable to do so, please contact Tech Services using the information provided above.

Face-to-Face Students (beginning the year remotely)

  • If you have questions or issues related to Canvas, please message your teacher directly through Canvas.

  • Additional support can be found by emailing


  • Student devices do not have access to printers and their devices. They will not connect to a printer, here or at home.

Counseling Support

The RNR Counseling Office staff is excited to work with your student and family this year. Counseling services are available virtually as well as face-to-face by appointment as long as safety protocols are followed. You can read more about this on our website.

As Counselors, we recognize the stress and anxiety your student and family may be experiencing during these difficult times. We have links to resources on our website and encourage you to check them out. Additionally, we are available via Zoom, Google Meet, phone, email, or face to face by appointment.

Please visit our website for more information and resources as well as a link to a confidential referral form to request counseling services. We are also providing the link here .

Remember, we are in this together and there is no problem too big or too small.


Robinson Middle School Counseling Staff

Schedule & Parent Teacher Conference Day

Please see the schedule below for the next two weeks for Face to Face learners. We look forward to seeing our students with last name's A-J on Monday & Tuesday and last name's K-Z on Wednesday and Thursday.

Students will not attend on 9/4 as it is Parent-Teacher Conference Day. Teachers are contacting families that need a virtual conference on a case by case basis.

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7th Grade Immunizations

7th-graders must have their immunization record turned in before going to class. If students do not have their record, families will be called to come get their child.

Family Life

August 2020

Dear Parents,

I want to thank you for your overwhelming support this past year for the Kingsport City School System’s Family

Life Education Program. We have over 2,400 students in 5th through 9th grades participate in the classes annually.

The goals of family life education classes are to provide students with accurate health information and to help them make informed, responsible decisions about their health. The core of the program is to promote a positive approach to sexual abstinence and to encourage students to maintain an open dialogue with parents about all family life topics.

If you would like to preview the Tennessee State Standards for Health Education and Family Life Program topics that will be covered this school for your student’s grade level, you may email me at to set up an appointment or receive information through email. I will be happy to accommodate you in either way.

Since the Family Life Education Program is a state adopted curriculum, the Kingsport City School System does

not require that you sign a permission form in order for your child to participate. The school system’s expectation is all students be involved in the Family Life Education Program since it is a significant part of the Health Education Curriculum.

However, if you should want your child to be exempt from the program, we will provide an alternative lesson while the other students are taking part in the regular family life lessons. If you want to exempt your child, you must follow the guidelines set by the Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-1303 which states:

(a) Upon receipt of a written statement from a student’s parent or guardian to the effect that the parent or guardian has personally examined the appropriate grade level instructional materials or has conferred directly with the student’s instructor, and that the parent finds objectionable any or all portions of family life instruction, the student shall be excused for each portion or portions of family life instruction.

(b) A parent or guardian who wishes to excuse a student from all portions of family life instruction shall submit such request in writing to the student’s principal. A student who is excused from all portions of family life instruction shall not be penalized for grading purposes if each student performs alternative health or social studies lessons in a timely and satisfactory manner.


Wendy Baker

Family Life Educator/Coordinator


Reminder from Athletic Director, Coach Bingham:

During hybrid days, student-athletes should arrive at 3:10 in the parking lot across from Jesse St. Athletes will cross the street and enter through the front doors.

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6th Grade RCL Calendar