Paul 4A

Final Exam

_______________________________________ Elements of Composition

_______________________________________ Photoshop

_______________________________________ Reflection

This semester in Photojournalism I learned a lot. I learned how to use a camera and its features, what it means to take good photos, and the laws and ethics that go into being a photojournalist. My favorite project was probably the 5 Frame Photo Story where we crafted a story from just five photos. Before this class, I guess I used to think that photos were easy to take, just point and click. But its not, its more than that, its everything that goes into making good photos, light, composition, angle, content, etc that have to come from you, I mean even the prettiest scenes can become bad photos if you don't know what you're doing.

_______________________________________SAT Alphabet

P.S. it says Asylum
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_______________________________________ Five frame photo story

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Hi, Im Lucy!

Fred and Lucy have a chance meeting when they find each other sitting on the same bench at Fossil Ridge, it was an instant friendship. " He was the only other tape dispenser I have ever met, I am so lucky!" - Lucy
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Date Atlast!

At the end of the day, Fred and Lucy decide to go on a date to finish of the amazing day they just spent together. "I hope I'll get to see her again! - Fred

_______________________________________ Humans of Fossil Ridge

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" Normal guy livin' a normal life." - Lawrence Wong

_______________________________________ History of Photography

_______________________________________ Camera Operations

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Powering On

To power on the camera, locate the switch- looking thing on the top of your camera and flip it to "On" if it is on off.
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Inserting the SD Card

To insert your SD card, locate the panel door somewhere on the sides or bottom of your camera ( this is also the panel the batteries are inserted in), open the door and look for thin SD Card-like Hole and insert your SD card into that. Then close the door.
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Replacing the Batteries

To replace the batteries, open the same panel door you used for your SD card, and look for the battery-sized holes and place your batteries in them. Then close the door.
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Using Macro

To enable macro, use the round-button thing at the top of your camera, rotate it aroung until some sort of arrow is pointing at the little flower on the wheel.
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Using the Zoom

To enable the zoom, find the thing that has the "t & w" near it , then press those buttons and it will either zoom in or out depending on what button you pressed.