Waste Disposal

Esmeralda D./period 7

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Causes of problem

The problem is that people aren't recycling the garbage they use and that's a big problem because people don't really thing were the garbage is being thrown. oceans, lakes, rivers are getting full of garbage and also lands are full of garbage.
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People don't want to recycle because they don't think it's convenient for them and because they don't care. They are usually people who have a good behavior or that are positive try to contribute positively to society in other ways.
Don´t waste your waste

Video Summary

Reuse the stuff that can be rebuild. Example the chairs leg can be repaired and reuse plastic bottles , old clothes because they might be in style one day. Reduce plastic , stop buying plastic and stuff that can affect are environment. Recycling turns your waste into useful stuff that can be sold. Energy recovery can also help the waste disposal because you can burn apples, broken glass, used papers can generate power and heat buildings and collect the bio gas to use as few.
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Impact on Ecosytems

Waste disposal is effect the ecosystem because it can harm the wild life it can also get people sick because of all the garbage. footprint hazardous has left on our environment it already poisoned our oceans, lakes and rivers. Each year thousands of fishes ,whales are dying.


- Reuse



-Energy recovery

-Motivate people to keep the world healthy and clean

-Every person should have a recycling bin