Earthworm Dissection PAP BIO April 7th, 2014 - Mictham


Earthworms are invertebrates. they live mostly underground they like the cool and moist tempertures. Their body does not have a skeletal structure. It consists of flexible segments covered in hairs that help the worm move. the scienctfic name is Lumbricina. many animals eat earthworm for example birds, moles, fish, etc. but us as humans tens to kill alot of earthworms without meaning too. earthworms eat dirt.


The objectives of this lab was to understand the internal and external parts of a earthworm. we first did a virual lab and then later did a real life dissection on a earthworm.

Extra Infomation

most earth worms reproduce sexualy but some can clone or self-fertilize. they help the enivorment by fertilzieing the soil. eathworms can aslo asorb oxygen through water and air.

Earthworms organs and functions