Dear Cynthia's parents, I am your daughters English teacher mrs Haynes. I would Just like to tell you that your daughter is a very good listener and always finishes her work on time! She has friends near her but she only talks when I allow her! I like your daughter because she gets my humor. I have high hopes for your daughter this year because I can see her potential.

Sincerely, mrs. Haynes.

Trustworthy, I'll never tell a secret

Weird, because she I act weird a lot!

Mature, because I'm like a mom when I hang out with my friends!

Two of my favorite people in the WHOLE world are Casey furrer and Kylee oom!
When I was in kindergarten I ran into a door as somebody was opening it and my head hit the metal door Handel and i had to get my head! But it was near Halloween so everyone called me Frankenstein because the stiches were black...and near my eye brow
Positive motto... Do your best to suceed and have fun doing it!


Breakfast- toaster strudels

Lunch- salad

Dinner- spaghetti, Mac and cheese, veggie burger, left overs

Snacks- rice crispies, fruit, ect


Favorite actor- Johnny depp. Favorite actoress- Jennifer Lourance. Favorite song- don't fear the reaper. Favorite band- falling in reverse. Favorite athlete-?. Favorite book- divergent! Favorite food- veggie corn dogs. Favorite class- this one. Favorite teacher- you. Best friend- Kylee oom. Favorite tv show- doctor who. Favorite car- one with wheels. Fav summer time activity- swimming. Fav weekend activity- swimming. Favorite movie- les misèreals.

Dear me

You worked hard get ready to work even harder...till you are like 75.

5 fav songs

1) don't fear the reaper

2) fallen angels

3) electricity

4) secrets

5) wonderland

My life goals

1) always be a good person to people who deserve kindness

2) be compassionate

3) open my own store

4) enjoy life

5) never go to jail

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