Feel Passion In Brazil!

Brazil is ..

1.Brazil is located in South America.

2.Brazil is the fifth population in the world.

3.Brazilian use Portuguese.

4.In Brazil,

It is good to arrive 30 minutes later than invited time.

Be careful not to use "Okay" gesture.

Cultural Taboos

1. The inverted American "OK" sign is an obscene gesture.

2. At, weddings, the rule is to avoid getting dressed in white, this color is used only for the bride.

3. Purple lipstick color is avoided because it is related to funerals, But the color purple (not for flowers) is well accepted and common for clothing and accessories.

Enjoy Your Vacation in Beautiful landscope!

Welcome To Carnival Festival

Carnival Festival

1. The main event occur during February

2. Carnival involves a public celebration, parade, circus, and masks and public street party.

3. Every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit Brazil to enjoy the fantastic festival.

Rio 2016 Olympic

1. Host city : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2. Motto : Live your passion

3. Opening ceremony : August 5

4. Closing ceremony : August 21

5. Main Stadium : Maracana Stadium