March 30, 2018


Next week we will be giving Iowa Assessments. Students will be taking the assessments during their normal scheduled blocks. There are only five tests this year. We will begin tests for 6th graders on Tuesday, April 3rd in LA classes throughout the day. We appreciate your support to have your student at school on time and in school for the entire day. Wednesday will be testing in math classes and Thursday will be in Science classes.

Language Arts: We have been talking about communities this week and looking at culture and heritage. We have just begun reading a novel, Seedfolks, which focuses on different cultures and community.

Social Studies: We are focused on life in ancient Rome. So far, we have been looking at the period of the Roman Republic but will soon switch gears and move on the Roman Empire. In the last two weeks, we have examined ancient Roman geography, the founding of Rome, early Roman government, the social classes in Rome, and conflicting descriptions of ancient Rome. Next – the Roman Empire.

Personalized Learning: Mrs. Gardner in the IMC provided a great lesson on good sources v. poor (or fake) sources of information. We learned what clues to watch for. We also had JA Career speakers come talk to us from the career cluster involving law, law enforcement/security careers. This week we have begun learning about people who face obstacles, but the emphasis is on what bigger national or world issue is this a symptom of. Our hope is to do focus student learning on a bigger issue soon!

Science has been working on sensory receptors and how our senses work. We spent a little time exploring our sense of touch and sight. We looked at various optical illusions and discussed eye sight and the different types of vision impairments.

Math: Advanced math students are starting to work with integers and absolute value. Regular math classes have started to work with ratios and unit rates.

Have a good weekend

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