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Clifty Creek Newsletter - November 20, 2020

Message from Dr. Parsons

What Now?

I do not know a single person who is excited that we are in the middle of a pandemic and placed in e-Learning for an additional three weeks. I know that e-Learning has various hardships based on the needs of your family's situation. It is HARD! The reality of ‘life’ has impacted each of us in different ways and at various levels. So, what do we do now? How do we respond to another round of e-Learning?

As you seek to overcome more obstacles in supporting the education of your child at home and beyond, I believe many of us go through stages of coping with sudden change. All of us are in some stage right now - but the goal is to not stay stuck. Consider the following stages that I have experienced in the past and wanted to share with you:

I Don’t Want to Change

When changes occur rapidly, you often experience difficulties of what to do because you are comfortable with what you have always known and done. You want to internally deny what is happening and just keep the comfort of what you know. You are hoping everything will just go back to "normal."

I am Scared

The fear you let build up in your mind is usually worse than the situation that actually exists. You generate feelings inside that are not true. You let fear dictate your next steps and develop baseless “what if” scenarios that suppress your positive thoughts.

I Need to do Something

You recognize that just waiting for the situation to improve is a waste of time. You realize the longer you crave your past comforts the worse off you become. When you accept that things change within your life and they may never be the same again, the sooner you can begin building a new and better future. This is life! Life moves on. And so should you.

I am Ready

You embrace the unknown or difficulties ahead and rediscover what nourishes your souls. You begin to let go and trust what lay ahead of you, even though you are not exactly sure what it will look like. You realize that it is natural for change to continually occur, whether you expect it or not. You are able, and willing, to make the very best out of the present situation to grow yourself and those around you.

I Will Overcome

You realize that there will always be something better for you whether you recognize it this time, or not - but you trust it will happen because of your mindset and work ethic. You are rewarded by going past your fears and choosing to embrace the new adventure. Your mindset will allow the unexpected change to be a blessing in disguise in your life and find new successes that open up opportunities not previously imagined. You have chosen the path of an overcomer.

There is no wrong stage to be in right now. Just try and not stay in any of the first four stages for long. Keep fighting! Stay optimistic. Find value in others. Embrace what we are given today.

I am grateful for our Clifty Creek and Legado families. I can not imagine serving a better group of families. We are blessed to have you supporting us. School is never meant to be easy, but you make it joyful. I know you have a DIFFICULT task with e-Learning right now. Please know that we are grateful for all you are doing, and will do, for the sake of your children and our amazing Clifty Creek community. May each of you be blessed today.

Love The Creek.


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Meet one of our 5th Grade Teachers, Mrs. Adams!

This is my 10th year of teaching at Clifty Creek. I love what I do because at Clifty we are family. Our students come in knowing that they are safe and loved every single day. As a mother of three children that all attended Clifty Creek, this is my reason why I love The Creek!


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Please have your child ready for their temperature check upon arrival to Clifty Creek. You might consider having the windows rolled down so that our staff can quickly check your child's temperature and we can keep our line moving. Thank you so much for your help!

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