Panther Pride

Norfolk Jr. High

By Baden Luna

The Stomp

By:Baden Luna

Ndamukong Suh was born January, 6 1987. He played college ball for the Nebraska Cornhuskers and was drafted in the NFL draft in the first round as the second pic for the Detroit Lions. It was Thanksgiving day, 2012 , and offensive lineman, Evan Dietrich-Smith, cleanly pushed Suh to the ground, but then Suh angrily got up and pushed Evan’s helmet into the ground, and as he was walking away, Suh stomped on the innocent Smith. That stomp is an egregious offense, as a result Suh was ejected from the game, and received a two game suspension without any pay. After the stomp, everyone considered Suh a dirty player. They might just be right after an overtime loss to the Houston Texans 34-31. It might have been the moment of the game, but Suh still wound up kicking Houston Texans quarterback, Matt Schaub, in the groin, after right guard, Derek Newton, pulled down Suh on the first quarter play. Neither of the two player’s talked about the incident, and Suh left before the media could catch him. Suh is a great football player, but honestly, he needs to control his anger on the field.

Scrambled Egg

By: Baden Luna

In Omaha, Nebraska last Saturday an egg named Humpty Dumpty climbed upon a building wall to scrape off the pigeon waste. While he was scraping the waste, a gust of wind picked up, he was pushed backwards, and as he was flailing, he slipped. When the garbage man noticed the egg shells, he called 911 immediately. Sadly, the injuries to his shell were too much damage for the doctors to even begin surgery. He died the next day in the hospital bed.

Movie Review - Maze Runner

Thomas was sent to the maze by someone nobody knows. He and all the people around him know nothing about themselves, but Thomas remembers his name and only glimpses of before. They are in the maze only getting supplies once a month. They have a village and rules that only runners can run the maze, but Thomas is to curious and runs through the doors before they close to help Minho with Alby. Nobody has survived a night in the maze, let alone to see a griever. But Thomas traps the griever, and kills it. Thomas, Alby, and Minho all made it back. Minho and Thomas went to inspect the griever and found a beacon that leads to sector seven, which they think will lead them out of the maze. The night they found the beacon the maze doors never closed, which allowed all the grievers to come and attack. There is also a deadly virus that only few can survive. All the people in the maze can fight the virus better than others. After the attack, almost everyone left and found sector seven. They escaped the grivers and found safety. The people who put them there, put them in the maze just for a test.

The Maze Runner | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX
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Autobiography-Life of 40

Life of 40.

There is a man named Baden Luna who is now 40 years old, and at that age, wrinkles become your birthday present. He has lived in Nebraska all of his life. He lived in Norfolk where he went to the Norfolk High School. He played football as a mighty proud Panther and took college classes to become an artist. At the time, he worked at McDonald's and got Happy Meals half-off. After high school, he attended the University of Nebraska and was a walk-on for the football program, and became a starter as the running back. Other than football, he studied to become an artist and majored in architecture. His first job in college was an architect. He was drafted by the New York Giants, in the second round, pick 12, to become an NFL football player. He played seven years in the NFL. He continued architecting for schools and skyscrapers. He is a short, stocky, guy who has a few grey hairs that he probably plucks daily. He married a very good looking blonde who works at a nursing home, her name is Rose Luna and had two kids named Baden Jr. and Baden Jr. the second. They live in New York City in an upper-class apartment in the Big Apple. Baden Luna owns his own architect business, Build Tall. He owns and plans to run that business for at least a couple of decades. He likes to travel to the ocean and fish and build models. He travels to Europe once a year to enjoy the sights.