Ulysses S Grant

By Winnie Nansikombi

Birth /Death & childhood/Family

  • He was born on April 27 1822 in Ohio and died on July 23 1885 of cancer.
  • His relatives chose his name and his parents preferred to him by his middle name Ulysses.
  • His father was a tanner and his mother was a willed farm women and they enjoyed talking about politics.
  • When he was a baby his family moved the family twenty five miles to Georgetown Ohio from Point Pleasant.
  • He was buried in Riverside Park, New York and his full name is Hiram Ulysses Grant.


  • When he was sixteen he attended a winter term at Presbyterian Academy at Ripley Ohio.
  • His father rolled him into The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.
  • He didn't excel at the military academy earning average grades and he did well in math and geology and excelled in horsemanship.
  • He graduated 21 out of 39 students at the academy.

Important life events

  • Help the Union hung on and refused to quit to win the Battle of Shiloh.
  • His victories helped the Confederate armies and the Union armies reunite the North and South.
  • He first led troops in combat during the civil war on November 7 1861 at Belmont Missouri.
  • On October 18 he was given command of all armies in the west.
  • He was given the rank of colonel and put in charge of training volunteers who joined the Union army.


  • Americans rewarded Grant in 1868 by electing him the eighteenth president of the United states.
  • He served as quartermaster during the Mexican-American war.
  • He was named colonel of the 21 Illinois Regiment.
  • He provided the first Union victory in 1862 by capturing Fort Henry & Donelson in Tennessee.
  • In his presidency after the civil war he was able to annex Washington state to become part of U.S.

Contributions to change

  • He volunteered his military services and patriotism to the Union when the civil war begun at Fort Sumter.
  • He commanded the land forces in the Army-Navy to capture the fist Confederate state capital to fall under the Union control.
  • He didn't surrender when asked by General Simon B Buckner instead he said '' No terms except unconditional and immediate surrender.''
  • He lead the Union army for the second half of the civil war and he forced the surrender of General Lee at the Appomattox courthouse.
  • His strategy, determination, and successful campaigns brought end to the civil war.

Interesting Facts

  • When the American civil war had began in 1861 Grant was working as a clerk in his father's Galena.
  • His famous mimicker U.S Grant come after he joined the military.
  • When he joined West Point a clerical error had listed him as Ulysses S Grant and S for his mother's last Simpson and not wanting to be rejected by the school he changes his name on spot from Hiram Ulysses Grant to Ulysses Simpson Grant.
  • He resigned from the army amid allegations of heavy drinking and disciplinary action.