Warm Winters FAQ

What is Warm Winters?

Warm Winters was started by a couple of kids just like you! Corinne Hindes and Katrine Kirsebom were 11 years old when they saw homeless people on the streets and wanted to help. They asked their local ski resorts if they could collect their unclaimed clothing to donate to local shelters and their idea was born!

Soon, others began noticing what Corinne and Katrine were up to and wanted to be involved and suddenly their idea exploded!

5 years later, Warm Winters operates at 32 ski resorts in 12 states and even has a branch in Australia. It's not just about coats and clothing anymore ... Warm Winters does sock drives and toiletry drives with kids and teens all across the country collecting and donating to shelters right in their communities!

Corinne and Katrine have learned so much along their journey. Their idea is inspiring and teaching other kids to make an impact in their own community by empowering them to make a difference with the Warm Winters programs.

Check out this video of how the 2015-2016 Warm Winters Season went:

Warm Winters 2015-2016 Ski Season!

What's in it for me?

Being involved in Warm Winters is super easy and it's fun to make a difference in the lives of those around you, and there are lots of benefits for you too!

• Gain valuable Leadership skills

• Earn Community Service Hours

• Great to put on your Resume

• Looks great on a College Applications

• Perfect for Senior Projects

• Be part of a growing, Nation-Wide youth organization (actually World-Wide now!)

• Get your Name/Photo on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page! (optional)

• Meet and work with other positive Entrepreneurial youth

• Oh yeah, and it Feels Good to help people!!

• Be affiliated with a Jefferson Awards National Globechangers Project!

How can I be involved?

Would you like to collect coats and clothing for the homeless? We can set you up with one of our partner ski resorts, or you can do a coat drive at your school/church/temple. Once you collect the clothing, we can help you locate a shelter in your community to donate your items to.

High School Trailblazers (Faking It) | Giving Back to the Community | MTV

But what if I don't ski?

That's okay! Anyone can do a sock and underwear drive, run a coat collection, or collect toiletries to donate. All you have to do is ask your school/church/community center if you can collect clean socks and underwear for the homeless and we'll send you materials and instructions to collect donations. And you can get your friends involved too!

How do I start?

Starting is the easiest part!

Decide how you would like to be involved in Warm Winters.


Go to http://warm-winters.org/volunteer-area/ and CLICK on the blue text to open the application.

Fill out the application and send it along with $25 to Warm Winters

Email us a favorite photo of yourself and a few sentences that say a little about you.

We'll send you an email and tell you what to do next!

A little something for Parents from our Parents ...

Parents always want their kids to be involved in something good. Well here it is! Warm Winters is the BEST thing that ever happened to our girls! We've learned that a couple of kids and an idea CAN make a difference!

The work is fun and engaging and most of it can be done by a youth of any age. We're excited that our girls have been able to help the homeless, but we even more excited that so many of their friends and even people we don't know have been inspired to do something to serve others.

Warm Winters is a 501c3 non-profit organization. They've have been recognized by many reputable agencies who have encouraged Corinne and Katrine and helped them to expand their ideas. They have been featured in the news on KPIX, and written about in the various newspapers .... In 2012, Corinne and Katrine were awarded The Jefferson Award for Public Service and became a part of their Globechangers Mentorship program where they learned to set goals and grow their company to the next level. They earned a Princess Diana Award and were recently named the MTV High School Trailblazers for 2015.

As you can imagine, we're pretty proud parents! But we all have amazing kids with the potential to affect their world for generations to come - all they need is a little nudge from us. Honestly, the commitment in Warm Winters can be as large or as small as you and your kids/teens are able to take on. In the beginning, much of the driving and collecting fell on our shoulders, but as the girls matured, they took on larger and more significant roles which has given Corinne and Katrine valuable skills from setting goals, planning, marketing, getting others excited and so much more, to expressing themselves clearly with adults and with each other and learning to work with many different types of people. And we know that this experience has given them a life long inspiration to do something good.

Please contact us for more information, we'd love to share our experience!

KPIX covers Corinne and Katrine winning National Service Award from Jefferson Awards
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Our mission is to make a difference in our communities and to train youth leaders to do the same. JOIN US in changing the world!