Singapore's Housing

Past, Present and future

Singapore's housing in the past

The market used to be popular among residents of Tiong Bharu. The area was under british colonial rule community clubs existed in the past.

During the interview, we asked the residents whether there was any facilities were special to them and why was it special to them. Their responses was that during the past, many of the residents felt that the market place was very special to them and it has been there from then until now. Many residents met each other there and used to chat with one another .There was also an aeroplane-like structure in one of the buildings which is unique around the area. However, the buildings there are low, 4-storey buildings unlike the current HDB flats which are more than 10 storeys high.

We also asked if there was any facilities that should be included and how has the government helped in making the estate more inclusive.Some things that were pointed out by the residents during the interview was that the market was very dark even during the noon when the sun was out. They also felt that despite the negative point, the government has done its part to upgrade their flats over the years, for example , the upgrading of lifts and a safer place to stay.

Singapores housing in the present

Upgraded wet market is still popular among residents in the present.The old,low-storey buildings from the past are still here,but many new high-rise HDB flats have been built to provide better and more housing for the residents. On top of that, many of the residents living in the old buildings have now moved to the newer HDB buildings where there is many facilities that provide better for the needs of others.Furthermore, the buildings are now made with stronger and more sturdy materials unlike previous housings.

Singapore in the Future.

In the future, we hope to have more transport routes that reaches out the entire of Singapore, e.g the MRT and more bus services. We also hope there will be new facilities and amenities introduced that could provide a even more inclusive housing so that no one is left out. Moreover, as technology gets more advanced, we hope that the future housings will be much more convenient especially in terms of travelling to and fro, as well as, the comfort and cleanliness.