June 8, 2021

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From Principal Hammond

Dear RES Families,

It is at this time of year when many of you might be thinking, "What am I going to have my children do this summer to get them ready for school next year?" We hope you have had the chance to take a look at all of the many wonderful summer opportunities available both in our RES community (Summer Academy) as well as the Redding community- New Pond Farm, Mark Twain Library, Parks and Recreation, etc.

Another way you can keep your child going this summer is with the additional resources we will be sending home at the end of the year. Due to the varied learning models this year and our upcoming change in math programs, your children will have some additional math resources come home with them. They may use these workbooks to hone their math skills over the summer. Keeping your children engaged over the summer- while building in lots of fun of course- will make the entry into school in September even more seamless!

In partnership,

Natalie Hammond

Mark Your Calendar

Thursday, June 17 - Gr. 4 Stepping Up Ceremony 11:00am Redding Community Center

Thursday, June 17 - Digital report cards emailed home

Thursday, June 17 - Minimum Day - Last Day of School; Gr. K - 4 dismiss at 12:50pm and PreK dismiss at 12:15pm

ER9 Chromebook Collection

A reminder that we will begin collecting ER9 issued devices beginning on Tuesday, June 15th. Devices can be dropped off at the main entrance vestibule between school hours. We are hoping to have all of our devices back in the building by the end of the day on Friday, June 18th. Remember to return the power cord with your device!

FROM MIMI WEISS - Art Department

At the beginning of the school year, the PTA provided art kits to all students. Now that school is coming to a close, we would like to collect those art kits, as many of the items can be used in the future.

Please see the photo to the left of what the kit included. If you would kindly return any items you have - including the used watercolor paint tray, zip lock pouch, washable marker, etc., many of those items can be reused.

Please send them back to the school via your child's backpack. The classroom teachers will collect them for me.

IF you have devices that you will be returning to the school, you can turn those art kits in at that same time as well.

We appreciate your help in getting these items back. Thank you.


Report cards will be emailed home on the last day of school. We will not send home paper copies. Please be sure to update your email address in PowerSchool, if needed!


Please see the attachment below. Thank you.



In SCHOOL DISMISSAL MANAGER (SDM), If you select an early dismissal to pick-up your child(ren), please pick-up your child(ren) by 2:00pm from our vestibule. On a PLANNED early dismissal (such as our upcoming conference days), please pick-up your child(ren) by 12:00pm.

All exceptions in SDM must be made by you by 1:30pm on full school days, and 11:30a on PLANNED early dismissal days. That is the cut-off times for any and all changes. Reports are sent to the teachers at the cut-off time. Teachers will share the information at the end of the day in the classrooms as to what ALL students are doing at dismissal time.

We begin our dismissal process much earlier this year. Pick-ups near our dismissal time affects not only the student dismissal process but staging of our buses and available parking for you.

We appreciate your attention to adhereing to these LATEST pick-up times for students.



Update from the Health Office:

Your school nurse, Jennifer Connolly can be reached at jconnolly@er9.org or 203-938-2519 ext. 309.

  • We will be conducting VISION and HEARING screening over the next two weeks. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the nurse.
  • SPRING IS HERE!!!! Please CHECK YOUR CHILDREN FOR TICKS after outdoor play. Consider applying sunscreen before school, especially on PE days as the students will be outside for recess and PE.
  • Please continue to note student absences in School Dismissal Manager and notify the nurse of any illnesses and covid test results. Please note an updated version of the daily health screening tool to be completed every day. Daily Home Screening Tool


This year we used a new procedure for student pick-up at dismissal time. We found that the CAR TAG system has worked out effectively, and we will continue with this same process in the years to come.

Please hold on to the CAR TAG that was issued to you this year. You will continue to use that number until your last child moves on to Grade 5 at JRMS.

Thank you -

Zoom Troubleshooting

Some of our students are signing into a Zoom session and are being directed to the class they previously attended that day. To fix this issue, students should get into the habit of clicking the LEAVE button at the end of each class. Our teachers will also click the END MEETING FOR ALL button to help us work through this common issue. For additional support, please reach out to Pattianne Nordt, our Technology Assistant (pnordt@er9.org), or Rebecca Richards, our Science, Technology Integration Coordinator (rrichards@er9.org).

Click the link to view the Zoom Student Directions video

Zoom Download Tutorials can be accessed here: Zoom Family Resources

Important Reminders

Arrival & Dismissal

Parents/Guardians who are dropping off students in the morning, or picking up students in the afternoon are asked to remain in their vehicles during this process. We will have staff on hand ready to support during these transition times. If you are dropping off your child in the morning please be sure their mask is on and backpack is ready BEFORE you pull up to the drop off location, so that we can quickly and safely transition kids out of vehicles and into the building.

RES Visitors

Due to the current health and safety precautions in place, we are limiting visitors in our building to essential business only. If you need to come to the school to pick up your child, please be sure you have a government issued ID on you for entry each and every time. Even if we recognize you, we will ask for your ID. This is our policy.

Traffic Safety

Please be reminded to follow all traffic rules while driving in our parking lots and around RES, including stopping at stop signs and adhering to the speed limit. Cars may not travel into the bus loop during arrival and dismissal.

School Dismissal Manager

If there are changes to your child's dismissal plans, remember to log in to School Dismissal Manager to update with the new plans. A reminder that 'bus' is the default for all students. Distribution of a student pick up number tag, or the data from the summer survey does not automatically inform us that your child is a pick up.


Please be mindful that there are students being dropped off for classes other than just PreSchool at the far side of the building. There are attempts to make 3 point turns in the middle of the driveway. This is causing vehicles to back into the vestibule entry location, which is VERY dangerous with the students and staff entering that doorway. THANK YOU.
Redding Technology Help Desk

Tech Help Desk Form



Ms. Jennifer Del Conte, Director, Spec. Svcs.


Mrs. Jennifer Hankla, Supervisor, Spec. Svcs


Mrs. Marilyn Caruso, Secretary, Spec Svcs.

mcaruso@er9.org Ext. 312


Miss Bobbie Granskog, School Secretary

bgranskog@er9.org Ext. 304

Budgets, Payroll & Tuesday’s Newsday

Mrs. Komal Kulkarni, School Secretary

kkulkarni@er9.org Ext. 302

Registrar & Enrollment

Mrs. Rachel Saluzzi, School Secretary

rsaluzzi@er9.org Ext. 301

Assistant to School Principals

School Dismissal Manager & Subs


Nurse Connolly — Ext. 309

Library— Ext. 343

Kitchen — Ext. 346

You will find a complete list of telephone extensions and email addresses for our staff on our website www.reddingelementaryps.org

Tuesday's Newsday Material Deadline

Friday, June 11 at 10:00 a.m. Please send to Bobbie Granskog at bgranskog@er9.org. Thank you.



Please see more inforrmation below regarding our local community of competitive cheerleading registration for the FALCONS CHEER 2021. Go team!!



If students (or their families) use this link, they can register for a free card that will be delivered to them at school. Typically, the parents/ guardians would have to drive to the library and share proof of address; this special ER9 online registration form acts as their proof of address.


Our wonderful new streamlined summer website has links to books, MTL summer activities, RES/ JRMS/ JBHS summer requirements, and more!

The attached simple summer pdf flyer directs families to our summer webpage.

Thank you, as always, for your support of the Library,


Please click on our link to see what is happening at the Mark Twain Library.