Nitrogen For President 2016

It's time for America to combine families and become one.


Nitrogen has room for more ideas in their presidency, but he still has a plan unlike Boron that needs to fill 5/8 of his presidency plan. Nitrogen also will be able to keep/finish all of his plans unlike Beryllium that will have to get rid of 2/8 of his presidency plan.

Every 2nd and 15th YOU can talk in your government

Every 2nd and 15th there will be meetings where you can say what you want to change, add, or eliminate from the government of your country. The times will be from 4-8 and there will be a concession stand where you can buy food and drinks al to help with our countries major debt of electrons.

Some of the elements that will be part of these meeting will be: Mr. Lithium, Mr. Neon, and Mr. Fluorine

What is Nitrogen going to do for every year?

Nitrogen is going to work his hardest to deal with the shortage of electrons by moving the electrons from the amazing sea of electrons to where electrons are needed as his main focus for his first year. His second year he is going to get the groups to become one and become more united. The third year Nitrogen will be in office he is going to get five of the periods to combine and become one. For Nitrogen's last year in office, he is going to get the rest of the periods to become one and fully unite all of the elements.