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Instructions for updating your websites

Use this link to login with the first part of your SAISD email and your normal email password. You might bookmark this link so you have easy access for logging in as needed. You will have three webpages (Home page, Calendar Page, and Contact Page) set up for you.
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Burbank Teacher Website Requirements

Teacher Webpages

Name and BIO

Contact Information

Schedule - including tutoring times

Syllabus for each class you teach

Editing Your Home Page

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Inserting Images

Editing Your Calendar


Editing Your Contact Page



How come my pages aren't showing up online?

Remember that you must PUBLISH your page every time you edit it. Go to Options in the top right corner and then select "Publish this page." Published home pages should appear in the staff directory page after 24 hours.

Why can't I login to ezTask Titanium?

Make sure you're logging in with just the first part of your email address and not your entire email. If you still cannot get logged in, contact Brad Wehring so he can make sure your pages are set up.

Jennifer De Waelsche

Jennifer De Waelsche has been a librarian with SAISD for ten years. This is her sixth year at Burbank High School. She is the recipient of the SAISD Foundation Inspire Award in 2015 and member of the Texas Library Association TALL Texans Class for 2016. She is an active member of San Antonio Librarian's Association and Texas Library Association.