Allore's Announcements

Week of September 18th


We Are Called

Today, students sang at the outdoor service. They filled the streets of Cullom and Winchester with praises and beautiful sounds. Regardless of your religious upbringing or beliefs, I think we can all agree with the words in the third stanza of this hymn...

Sing! Sing a new song!
Sing of that great day when all will be one!
God will reign and we'll walk with each other as sisters
and brothers united in love!

In this crazy, fast-paced world we live in, it's easy to forget about what's really important. The words of this hymn remind me that we truly are called to support and love everyone we meet. As you begin a new week, I hope you carry this message with you as a reminder of the power in spreading kindness to one another.

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Happy Birthday!

On Friday we celebrated Cailtin's birthday. Caitlin and her mom decided to prepare a birthday treat for the class that didn't involve food. We enjoyed having a class "photo shoot" to celebrate Caitlin and had a lot of fun with the unique photo props Caitlin brought!

Thoughts and Prayers Requested

On Saturday Maximus had an allergic reaction to a drink he consumed at Starbucks. This caused Max to go into anaphylaxis shock and spend much of this past weekend in the hospital. I ask that you please keep Max and his family in your thoughts and prayers. What a scary thing to have to be constantly mindful of. Praise God for a safe recovery for Max!