Tubby Taft

Taft heavier than an elephant?

Tubby Taft

You know it isn’t very polite to compare my weight to William Howard Taft’s. I mean, it’s totally rude! I know I’m an elephant and it’s easy to compare me to heavy things. I am even a baby elephant! Anyway, let’s see how his health really was. If you were overweight, that meant that you could afford to feed yourself. So when you wanted a job, it would be a “desk” job. You don’t get a job that involves physical labor.

When his weight became a bigger problem- physically

When you are overweight, you not only get teased about it, you had several health issues. For instance, Taft always fell asleep during important meetings. He had fallen asleep during a presidential parade; he was in an open carriage. That can’t be good for a president’s reputation. Taft was having a hard time sleeping and he was having breathing problems. The doctor warned him he needed to lose weight.

Taft lost 80 pounds and he found it was very difficult to lose weight.

I don’t even understand why they would even compare us. I’m totally different. It is normal for me to be this heavy. Not for him. Anyway he did way more than an elephant ---a baby elephant that is.

Now you know my feelings upon this. Thank you.