Gangs Around the World

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General Overview of Gangs

Gangs are a group of individuals whom portray themselves with certain identities and express themselves as reckless and violent. They are feared by most of the world and engage in criminal activity which has been a situation for years in humanity until this day. The world is filled with hundreds of different type of gangs and each of them have specific actions and rituals. These are some of the most popular and most deadliest gangs in the world.

Types of Gangs:

Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13)

MS-13 is known as the world's deadliest gang as it has many violent group members that have trained in guerrilla warfare thus getting an advantage and name by their other gang rivals. The gang began in Los Angeles by a group of Salvadorian immigrants and now has spread all around the world. MS-13 members are known to be involved in all aspects of criminal activity. The gang is heavily involved in burglaries, auto thefts, narcotic sales, home-invasion robberies, weapons smuggling, illegal firearm sales, car-jackings, extortion, murder, rape, prostitution, assault, and witness intimidation. They have a huge access to illegal weaponry in which they have ties to their former homeland. MS-13 members participate in several rituals in order to be apart of the group which require: killing, fighting, tattoos and etc. Till this day this form of gang continues to spread and is highly threatening to civilians in the world.
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Los Zetas

Los Zetas is an infamous Mexican drug cartel that is known for committing the most violent crimes in Latin America. The recently appointed leader of Los Zetas, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, has been quoted as being extremely brutal where his preferred method of killing is burning people alive. The gang recruits ex-military members and is associated with drug smuggling, kidnapping and illegally syphoning oil from pipelines, but also for their habitual mass murders. Hundreds of murdered bodies have been spotted from this gang of their rival gang Gulf Cartel. This Latin American gang has caused an enormous amount of trouble and continues to increase the death rate ominously.
Mexican Cartels: Los Zetas

The Yakuza

The Yakuza group accounts for 50% of Japan's gang population who are each expected to cut ties with their families on initiation to prove their loyalty. The danger element with this gang, considering they are relatively tame compared to the others discussed here, is their connection with high level politicians and businessmen of Japan. They have many clever manoeuvres which is why they are very intimidating. The group members are so clever the leader makes the group members take an exam in order to know information about the law so they are able to pull schemes without getting caught. Some of their rituals tend to be different compared to other deadly gangs but they seem to pull some of the most hectic crime acts.
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The number of gangs within the world have been changing every year.

  • The most recent estimate of more than 30,000 gangs represents a 15 percent increase from 2006 and is the highest annual estimate since 1996.
  • Following a yearly decline from 1996 to a low in 2003, annual estimates steadily increased through 2012.
  • If this continues to happen the worlds crime rate will increase and there will be more assassinations in the world then there already is.
  • Most of the worlds gangs are present in larger cities and the least in suburban counties.
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Globalization refers to the idea of cultures, politics and economics leading to worldwide integration. Now the question is, how does globalization relate to gangs? Well, gangs have started off in small populations in tinier areas and developed rapidly overtime. They start off in a city then country then worldwide. They have become a negative global aspect. Even though it has different factors compared to other global businesses, gangs are related in some form. As they have poor working conditions which in their case would be violent acts such as murder, assault and etc. This group of highly committed crimes has become such a trend around the world that we have become desensitized of the idea of gangs in our society. As well as globalization the concept of gangs can cause depression as well. People must face gangs sometimes in a community whether they are physically or emotionally hurt by them. This causes depression all around the world because we are constantly afraid of our surroundings especially ones including crime. Gangs allow humans to live in a society of despair and fear as the dangers of them are extreme. They also represent historical transformation as they can turn not only people but communities or countries from having a good to a bad imagine. Their actions and activities impact the entire world as everyone is affected by people whom plan to cause chaos rather than peace in humanity.
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Theories of Globalization

Modernization Theory(Gangs back then and now): Gangs have developed extremely over the past years as they have changed in many forms. Even though all gang violence is considered to be horrible it has become more crucial now compared to how it was before. The crimes in our present time established by gangs have advanced more. Actions of gangs before were suggested as less minor compared to now such as loitering, vandalism and booze/gambling. Since the 1980's gang rituals have progressed as if it has become a social norm. Gang members perform acts now such as murders, selling drugs and assault/rape. This has changed society because humanity is now under going dilemmas such as these where they are more complex and dangerous. This is a form of change in society and cultural because gangs can allow citizens the prevention of acting on free will as they become terrified by them. There has been an advance in technology and weaponry which allows gang members to use these against a human beings will and cause death. As well as the fact that criminal skills have increased and developed. If this continues to happen the world will be in a more deadlier state than it already has been.

Effects of Gangs

Gangs are a major reason why societies face deaths in our world today. They have made the world a place of threat, fear and violence. They establish a way of jeopardizing a peaceful world and safety. Because of gangs people whom live in a scarce neighbourhood are unable to go outdoors without terror or in hopes that nothing bad will come to them. It is not something we can run away from or choose to live in a certain area because we assume it is free of gangs. It is a terror that happens within the entire world and you are unaware of where it might be. It is not something people may choose to hide from as it is possible but we are put in a devastated position where they might seek us. Gangs have caused an enormous amount of murders that take a country away from its kindness, hurt a loving human being and put the world in a position where the poverty increases. Even if a gang hurts one person it effects the entire environment because they are basically putting everyones life at risk. Even though gang violence takes place all around the world there are certain areas which have a higher population of gangs such as the United States. Gangs effect people in a way where they must live in a society of torture and disgrace because the idea that there are people whom perform such acts is unbelievable and disgusting.

Issues Caused by Gangs

The major issue that comes from gangs is VIOLENCE. Gangs act in many negative aspects such as theft, rape, smuggling, drug dealing, and etc. But, the worst issue would have to be murder because they are taking the innocent lives of civilians or fighting with rival gangs which is a more idiotic reason. They kill people whom have families and responsibilities thinking that for them it is a sign of honour but in reality it demonstrates being a coward. Courage and loyalty does not come through these actions and since they have different morals and values, murdering someone is a piece of cake for them. They portray tasks such as these and humans are the ones to suffer in the most disturbing way. If this violence manner continues the deaths in our society will increase so dramatically that the world will come to its worst conclusions. As it is mentioned in the paragraph above other forms of issues, this is just an idea of how gangs perceive and act their lives as.
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Changing this Issue

Now, it is impossible to get rid of every gang in the world because they consist of thousands and they will probably continue to consist for years and years to come. the law has informed several rules permitting gangs to not act the way they do but it is in our nature to have crimes that happen in the world. The truth is some people love to break the law and a way to prevent gangs would be for law enforcers to become more strict and establish new rules that would prevent gangs from acting in certain ways. The Ministry of Justice has created websites and booklets for people whom want to decrease youth in gangs. If people want gangs to stop they must take action themselves in order to find ways to help such as the creation of a network community action plan. Family members can help as well by addressing the person they know who is in a gang by explaining the negative consequences. Even though this may seem impossible to do it just involves a lot of hard work and regulation by law.
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