life from beginning to end

birth and death

she was born in the late 1780s in the lemni country Idaho.The date that she passed aways was on December 20 1812. The cause of her death was putrid fever or typhus a parasite bacterium spread by fleas she was 25 due to the later medical researchers believed it was a serious of illnesses she had suffered with. she had suffered most of her life. She died in fort Manuel in now Kenal south Dakota circa 1812.

contributions to change

she was a valuable member of the lewis and Clark expedition as a teenager .She served the expedition as a interpreter alplmat and peace symbol. She was a French speaker Indian woman with specific knowledge of the lewis Clark expedition lived in a wand rivershoshare reservation .she became vary valuable by the contributions she made along the way other trip.


she was they where the first ones to to cross north America(lewis and Clark) ad skills and abilities to over much assistance all her knowledge all her knowledge of different languages. She was so smart with her languages she helped lewis and Clark during the journey she could communicate with other tribes. she was also vary good at finding edible plants fir them to eat on there trip.

interesting facts

she was vary brave, she was on a big trip with lewis and Clark ,she had a baby boy on the trip, she died in the 20s, she is also one of the most known women.

childhood and family

she is the daughter of the shoeshosh chief, Sacagawea was captured by hiogtsa Indians and army of the shoeshosh. she was sold to the French Canadian trapper named topsail Charbonneau who them she was one of the wife's. She also had a baby boy on February 11 it was her first child. she was pregnant the first time she got married to Charbonneau


Sacajawea is a good hero because she was vary important and important . she jumped into a river to save some letter for Lewis and Clark and some other men. They where to scared to jump in there but she was not. she also had to carry the letters across the whole USA even in the winter. She provided tremendous support to the American travelers for the Lewis and Clark expedition. She also was a translator and a wilderness guide for the men .
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