What We Want In The Rainforest

Rubber Tappers

How We Think The Rainforest Should Be Used

We think the rainforest should be used for rubber tappering for many reasons. We Only cut the trees and rubber comes out which makes rubber come out. When loggers cut down trees they are gone forever but we only cut marks which leaves a few cuts in the tree but that's not as bad as the trees being gone forever. Technically it's not huting the trees because we are only cutting marks in them to get rubber to go out of it so we can make erasers, tires, etc. Those are the reasons we think that the rainforest should be used for rubber tappering.

Why Rubber Tapping Is Important

Rubber tapping is important because it makes tires and erasers. The tires are important because we need those for the cars. Erasers are important because you need them to erase the mistakes you make with the pencils. Rubber tappering is important because without the rubber there's no erasers and tires which means no cars and you'd have to scribble out mistakes