Western, Northern, Southern Europe


Western Europe

  • Western Europe has long and sophisticated culinary traditions. Seafood's is important in coastal area although even land-lock nations are not far from an oceans or sea
  • England, Scotland,Wales,Ireland,
  • Haute Cuisine- The classic French cuisine known for high-quality ingredients expertly prepared and artistically presented
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Northern Europe

  • The northernmost part of this area extend into the arctic circle foods tend to be filling yet creative they often include fish cured meats and dairy foods
  • Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Iceland
  • Paella-Is ice seasoned with saffron and mixed with a puree of onion red bell peppers and tomatoes meat and seafood's
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The Mediterranean (Southern Europe )

  • Cooking in southern Europe is lighter than cooking in northern and western Europe.
  • Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece,
  • Antipasto-The first course is often a light soup or a variety of appetizers called antipasto is Italy for before the meal
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