BTEC workflow for assignments

Using Edmodo and Google Drive

To start

This is a brief guide to look at how to complete a paperless system for BTEC (or any course) by using Edmodo and Google Drive. Edmodo becomes the hub for storing work, submitting work and the checking of progress.

Set the assignment

To begin with you need to set the assignment through Edmodo. Click the tab, then enter a title and description. It is also a good idea to add in the actual assignment brief at this point.

Checking progress at a glance

Once students submit work you can see when work has been submitted, this shows up on the main section and in your notifications panel.

Checking submissions and marking work

By clicking on the turned in tab you can see the work a student has done and check the overall progress of the classes submissions. You can also give instant feedback here to drive progress.

Viewing work

To look at the work submitted click on 'turned in'. The work then appears in the right window. You can view it within edmodo if submitted in certain file types, or it will open in another programme.

Giving feedback and linking Google Docs

This next part relies on you having set up google documents for giving formal feedback.. This is included in one of my blog posts which I will add a link to below. At the bottom of the page you can select "file, link or folder' Select folder and you can then select Google Docs. Fill in their feedback on the Google Doc and then you can link it to their work on Edmodo.

This then shows up on their page

Students then have access to your general help comments but also their formal feedback (required by BTEC) The link below discusses how to set up google drive for all students but you could share each document as a public file if students have the link.