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Professional Growth Day

Friday, October 2nd

During the high stakes testing era, many teachers jettisoned time-consuming research projects late in the year in favor of test prep, but as the Common Core State Standards call for both short as well as extended research projects, we have decided that "Revitalizing Research" is the theme of our Fall Professional Growth Day. We will have more detailed information in our next newsletter in late August, but I wanted to let you know that our featured speakers will be award-winning author Marc Aronson and school library guru Deborah Ford. Register here.

Class Sets

What do WONDER, THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN, WHEN YOU REACH ME, THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX, and CLAUDETTE COLVIN have in common? They are just some of the class sets of books that we have added to our collection. Districts sign up for $150 and then individual teachers can check out specific sets for $8 for a two week period ($16 for 4 weeks, etc). Please contact me with questions.

DCP Newsletter

Check out the June issue which includes information about summer professional development as well as tutorials on Teaching Books, EBSCO eBooks, and World Book Early World of Learning.

Technology Tip of the Month

Dorling Kindersley has long been a nonfiction force in children's nonfiction. They pioneered that extremely browsable "Eyewitness" format with lots of pictures and captions. DK Find Out! represents their first significant digital venture. Check it out!

What is a Makerspace?

Check out this brief video clip and then explore the SLJ Makerspace issue.
What is a MakerSpace?