Jeff Kreiser - Every School Partnership

Jeff Kreiser - Every School Partnership

Every School Partnership

Can churches and schools really work together? Can churches act as great partners with other nonprofits helping our local schools? Everyone in our communities want every student and faculty member to have an incredible experience in their educational process. This is best accomplished by having the school be a place students feel safe, their basic needs are provided for, and where all faculty have what they need to build a productive learning environment. All of this is done so that these students can be nurtured and prepared to be mature people and citizens of our communities, our city, and our nation.
Every School Partnership is challenging congregations to be part of the local schools preparation of children for adulthood.... to read more HERE

Who is Jeff Kreiser?

Jeff Kreiser is the Executive Director of the ACTS Group, which is dedicated to advancing city transformation strategies in the greater Sacramento region. His preparation at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo as a graduate student in education with a focus on counseling and his work at Fuller Seminary on his masters of divinity have given Jeff a strong foundation to work with educators and pastors. Jeff has worked in several contexts of urban non-profit and church work and has taught as an adjunct faculty member at William Jessup University since 2005.

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